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Exploring how Native American writers approach the genre of mystery, crime, and detective fiction is critical, since it is a sub-genre of American Indian literature that has, to date, received little scholarly attention.

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These novels and films illustrate a range of American Indian mystery, crime, and detective fiction, and my analysis illuminates the ways in which these texts work to inform and transform readers in regard to issues that surround crime and justice within American Indian contexts.

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It also considers to what extent Scottish detective novels complywith, or differ from, the characteristics of the crime fiction genre.

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The thesis comprises three component studies, focusing on different aspects of the Swedish crime-fiction phenomenon. The first highlights the broad book-market context, with the evolution of the genre and its ever rising status over time. Its marketing and packaging are examined in the second. The third, Death and Everyday Life: A Quantitative Analysis of Swedish Crime Fiction From the Early 21st Century, analyses literary patterns and recurring themes in the genre's commercially most successful novels of this century. It has recently been awarded the Swedish Crime Writers' Academy's prize for the best non-fiction book of 2017.

Focus on crime fiction, but go into depth about how crime fiction as changed and morphed over the years.

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Why have Swedish detective stories become so immensely popular in our century? What murder motives and weapons are most common in the genre, and why? And is it true that Swedish crime fiction is characterised by social criticism? A new thesis from Uppsala University provides answers.

The Year of Living Dangerously and Tai-Pan are in no way shape or form examples of crime fiction.

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The examined texts convey how writers fuse tribally-specific cultural elements with characteristics of mystery, crime, and detective fiction as a way to, as I argue, inform all readers about Native American histories, cultures, and contemporary issues.