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FISTULA - A surgical purpose-built duct (channel/tunnel) inside the stoma in the neck for holding a voice prosthesis joining the windpipe/trachea to the foodpipe/oesophagus. Can also refer to a small, sometimes blind opening near the incision line which slows the healing process.

BLOM-SINGER - See "Voice Prosthesis" .

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This booklet has been written by people who have lost their voice boxes - Laryngectomees - for Laryngectomees and their families and friends. It aims to answer most of the questions Laryngectomees and their families and friends will have before surgery and after. Together with the many health care professionals ( including doctors, surgeons, radiotherapists, nursing staff, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, and social workers ) with whom you will be closely involved in the weeks to come, "You Can Say That Again" demonstrates that a return to normal life is not only possible, but most likely. It shows that loss of speech need be only temporary and that the adjustments you will have to make, while challenging, can be made. During the weeks ahead you will be helped by a caring and willing band of people ranging from your surgeon, through social workers, speech pathologists and other Laryngectomees, to your family and friends.

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One such way to ease insertion may be to put a slight and gentle bend on the inserter stick of the traditional and Indwelling InHealth Voice Prosthesis Inserter sticks (Figure 5).

THRUSH -  A fungus, normally present in the human gut, which attacks silicone in the voice prosthesis.

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In addition, a tube will pass into your nose (naso-gastric tube) or the base of your trachea (tracheo-gastric tube) if a trachea-oesophageal puncture has been made for a voice prosthesis. The surgeon inserted this tube during surgery and it goes down your throat and into your stomach. It allows you to take food straight into your stomach without swallowing and you will have your first meal two to four days after the operation.

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In a partial (subtotal) laryngectomy you may have a temporary tracheostomy. The temporary trachesotomy will help your breathing. Swallowing can be difficult for some time after partial laryngectomy surgery but this will depend on the exact kind of surgery. Some people may have operations just on their vocal folds, they are less likely to have major swallowing problems but will have a rough and breathy voice.

SODIUM BICARBONATE -  A chemical used in cleaning the tracheostomy tube, stoma button, voice prosthesis.

This is the basic design of the voice prosthesis, ..

Oesophageal voice is produced in one of two ways - the most common requires a hole which connects the trachea or windpipe with the oesophagus or foodpipe. This allows you to push air from your lungs into your oesophagus. This air vibrates the upper food tube to make 'voice' and is referred to as tracheo-oesophageal voice (track-eeoh-oss-off-uh-jeel voice) using a voice prosthesis.

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While you are working on your voice, your Speech Pathologist will probably suggest that you use a speech aid to allow you to talk. As achieving oesophageal voice takes considerable practice, today most people prefer to use the voice prosthesis rather than oesophageal voice as it is faster to learn and generally requires less effort to talk.

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Electronic Artificial Larynges (ELs) - Our Cooper-Rand, an intra-oral (mouth-tube) device for people who cannot use an EL on the neck or cheek, also offers speech possibilities, using special switches, for those who need an EL but do not have good use of their hands or arms. We have most other major brands of EL - Nu-Vois, Servox, SolaTone, TruTone, Xtra-Voice - and batteries, parts and accessories.