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The isolated communist dictatorship had earlier made a similar threat against the United States, but retracted it following President Obama’s swift assurance that any ballistic missile attack against his country could be quickly and easily intercepted.

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Taking into account security and hygiene, the designers tried to create a structure with a sculptural form which is iconic, visible and unique, and can be integrated into the surroundings.

Cross their political masters and you’ll pay the price.

New Zealand has agreed to become a founding member of the AIIB, which is being established to invest in new infrastructure across Asia, Finance Minister Bill English said in a statement.

How many more examples of Police partiality in the use of its investigative discretion do we need?

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Key, who is traveling in Seoul, told reporters Monday that in a hypothetical example, a journalist who called a member of the Taliban who was being monitored by the Americans could show up in records.

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AdvertisementBob Rigg told Breakfast this morning that the US intelligence made public so far has been a "mish-mash of bits and pieces" collected by US, Israeli and UK authorities.

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New Zealand responded to the United Nations Security Council’s call for members of the United Nations to assist South Korea in 1950 with a substantial commitment of Defence personnel that on a per capita basis exceeded that, for example, of Australia.

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It is easy to understand the concerns about losing control over strategic assets such as large pieces of highly productive land, but it's also a symptom of a destructive mentality that is common among less developed countries with overgrown long-term aspirations.

As a result, this prevented the Police from examining the material they were gathering.

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It was a review of the framework in which the agencies operated, carried out at a time when New Zealand's intelligence-sharing relationship with the United States was undergoing massive change.

The Prime Minister has already promised to resign if mass surveillance has taken place.

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We are completely opposed to whaling, there's no excuse for scientific whaling, and I have instructed our ambassador in Korea to raise this matter today at the highest levels of the Korean government."
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key also criticized the Korean plan.

"The team have developed a massive amount since then,'' Readings said.

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Under the agreement, the COA will adjust the nation’s agricultural structure and increase competiveness to boost exports of local produce, the official said, adding that this also helps Taiwan prepare to join regional trade pacts.