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In this area of study, Johnson and Newport (1989) is among the most prominent and leading studies which tries to seek evidence to test the Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH) in second language (L2) acquisition.

Contrastive analysis and translation

The theoretical foundations for what became known as the Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis were ..

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Our hypothesis is that the use of translation equivalence as a tertium comparationis for a corpus-based contrastive analysis provides essential data for TS in a wide range of aspects.

contrastive linguistic analysis as an integral component ..

The result of this study shows that interference from the learners’ mother tongue is the main cause of errors, confirming the strong version hypothesis of contrastive analysis.

Then, after administration of the test Dulay, Burt, and Krashen’s (1982) classifications model of error analysis for analyzing errors was used.
The Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis The "strong" version of the CA ..

Contrastive analysis studied languages in an effort to ..

Its main aim is to provide a literature review of contrastive analysis

A contrastive analysis describes the structural ..

Contrastive Analysis (CA) was a hypothesis pioneered in the late 1950s by ..

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