For example, argument by condescension: "Support the ERA ?

The market's ability to efficiently respond to a short term and widely publicized event such as a takeover announcement, however, cannot necessarily be taken as indicative of a market efficient at pricing regarding more long term and amorphous factors.

Another example: "A car makes less pollution than abus.

They are assuming that if you had money you would be happy.Hypothesis contrary to fact

For example,"Take the division 64/16.

Since we now know that any hypothesisfor the contraction of matter in the direction of velocity is completely and meaningless (Chapter 15),that the Lorentz transformation equations are completely and empirically invalid (Chapters 16 and 27), that theconcepts of Length Contraction and Time Dilation are completely and physically meaningless(Chapters 26 and 28), and that Einstein’s relativity postulate and his conceptof co-variance are andempirically invalid (Chapters 23, 24, 27 and 28), thus so must Spacetime andits world postulate suffer the same fate (because they are premised upon andtotally consistent with the above relativistic concepts).


Contradictory premises: assumption of contradictory premises is an extremely dangerous error, since-after they are assumed-any conclusion can be demonstrated with formal validity.

For example, two historians debated whether Hitler killed fivemillion Jews or six million Jews.

Logical fallacies hypothesis contrary to fact

This notion is further supported by the fact that all stock market operators who regularly appear in the Forbes 400 list made their fortunes working as full time businesspeople, most of whom received college educations and adhered to a strict stock picking philosophy they developed at a relatively early age.

complex pattern of life: fallacy : hypothesis contrary to fact

“To show that the assumption of group G for the laws of physicsnever leads to a contradiction, it is unavoidable to undertake a revision ofthe whole of physics on the basis of this assumption.This revision has to some extent alreadybeen successfully carried out for questions of thermodynamics and heatradiation, for electromagnetic processes, and finally, with the retention ofthe concept of mass, for mechanics.(Minkowski, 1908 [Dover, 1952, p. 86])

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For example, Wittfogel's (1957) 'hydraulic theory' postulated that irrigation was needed for agriculture, and the state was in turn needed to organise irrigation.

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The production of analysis has been formalised in several countries with the introduction of more routinised management processes. For example, the adoption of police management frameworks such as the UK’s National Intelligence Model (NIM) are designed to better integrate analysis and intelligence into the core of all police business and decision making (Ratcliffe, 2008). These formal, systematic processes have resulted in the creation of a more standardised approach to analysis report production. In UK NIM terms this includes problem profiles - analytical products that aim to help better understand particular crime problems.

But not all civilisations used irrigation, and other possible factors (e.g.

going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis)

An example of why absurd conclusions are bad things:

Bertrand Russell, in a lecture on logic, mentioned that in the senseof material implication, a false proposition implies any proposition.

Garn & Leonard 1989; for the contrary view see for example Eaton & Konner 1985).

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For example, the stock market crash of 1987 saw the S&P 500 drop more than 20% in the Month of October despite the fact that no major news or events occurred prior to the Monday of the crash, the decline seeming to have come from nowhere.