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Schedule adherence and the current status of a project can also be represented ongeometric models of a facility. For example, an animation of the construction sequence canbe shown on a computer screen, with different colors or other coding scheme indicating thetype of activity underway on each component of the facility. Deviations from the plannedschedule can also be portrayed by color coding. The result is a mechanism to both indicatework in progress and schedule adherence specific to individual components in the facility.

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The search for superior, accurate and reliable cost models within the construction industry have been sufficiently reharsed like a recurrent decimal in construction literatures (Cheng, Tsai and Sudjono 2010).Yet, cost indeterminacy continues unabated due to the qualitative parameters that impedes cost estimation like client’s priority on construction time, contractor’s planning and scheduling capabilities, procurement method and other extraneous factors (Nida, Farooqui and Ahmed, 2008).

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While repetition of activities in different locations or reproduction of activitiesfrom past projects reduces the work involved, there are very few computer aids for theprocess of defining activities. Databases and information systems can assist in thestorage and recall of the activities associated with past projects as described in Chapter14. For the scheduling process itself, numerous computer programs are available. But forthe important task of defining activities, reliance on the skill, judgment and experienceof the construction planner is likely to continue.

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Forgetting a necessary precedence relationship can be more insidious. For example,suppose that installation of dry wall should be done prior to floor finishing. Ignoringthis precedence relationship may result in both activities being scheduled at the sametime. Corrections on the spot may result in increased costs or problems of quality in thecompleted project. Unfortunately, there are few ways in which precedence omissions can befound other than with checks by knowledgeable managers or by comparison to comparableprojects. One other possible but little used mechanism for checking precedences is toconduct a physical or computer based simulation of the construction process and observeany problems.

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For cost control on a project, the construction plan and the associated cash flowestimates can provide the baseline reference for subsequent project monitoring andcontrol. For schedules, progress on individual activities and the achievement of milestonecompletions can be compared with the project schedule to monitor the progress ofactivities. Contract and job specifications provide the criteria by which to assess andassure the required quality of construction. The final or detailed cost estimate providesa baseline for the assessment of financial performance during the project. To the extentthat costs are within the detailed cost estimate, then the project is thought to be under . Overruns in particular cost categories signal the possibility of problems andgive an indication of exactly what problems are being encountered. Expense orientedconstruction planning and control focuses upon the categories included in the final costestimation. This focus is particular relevant for projects with few activities andconsiderable repetition such as grading and paving roadways.

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In revising schedules as work proceeds, it is important to realize that different typesof precedence relationships have quite different implications for the flexibility and costof changing the construction plan. Unfortunately, many formal scheduling systems do notpossess the capability of indicating this type of flexibility. As a result, the burden isplaced upon the manager of making such decisions and insuring realistic and effectiveschedules. With all the other responsibilities of a project manager, it is no surprisethat preparing or revising the formal, computer based construction plan is a low priorityto a manager in such cases. Nevertheless, formal construction plans may be essential forgood management of complicated projects.