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Many students, professionals, managers, scholars, and laymen are hungry for honest, probing discussions of the opportunities and problems of computerization. This critical anthology introduces some of the major social controversies about the computerization in the society. For the purpose of this study a computer-based systems are systems organized to enhance or degrade the quality of working life for clerks, administrative staff, professionals, and managers in the office environment.

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The aim of this research is to design and implement a computerized multimedia Video Rental System.

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Performance Software System Attribute Software Design Specification (SDS) The CRRS program is a Car Reservation and Rental System which allows customers to reserve and rent their desired car on-line.

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The customer has to access their account or create a new account (if there is a non-existing account) to be able to reserve a car.
Design Overview DFD ER Diagram This system gives the ability to the company to keep track of the information on all the cars that are available in the branch’s stock.
It will record the cars ages and update their condition and rent life.

The customer rents a computer unit and the system provides the customer rental information.

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This project, Computerized Video Rental information system is designed and developed to be used in Paneiro Video Rental Club and any other video club industries within and outside Nigeria that may find it interesting. Video rentals club information system is broad due to the fact that several sections are involved hence, this project will be limited to the following areas.

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These resources range from data items, files and folders to software database and hardware equipments. The application of computer networks started long ago with a small number of computers within a locality networked together, an arrangement known as local area network (LAN) today the technology has been extended to include computers in different location which can be linked to collaborate in a wide area network (WAN).

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* The objectives of this project work is to computerize/automate the operations of Paneiro Video Rental Club, and also to provide security measures against losses which has been suffered by entertainment package owner through poor dissemination, mismanagement, loss of movies, poor accounting, etc.

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In this way, more time is spent and more effort wasted while using manual system but with the computerized system the computer that have been fed with the original stock level will be programmed to perform automatic updating thereby giving you the new stock level.

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Computer network refers to interconnection of computer systems for the purpose of communication for mutual resource sharing. The needs for network information is necessitated by the high cost of computer equipment, safety of the computer resources sharing for organization is welcome idea especially when these resources inform of equipments are in short supply due to scare financial resources.

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From this research, I was able to conclude that every organization be it public or private sector needs timely and accurate information for effective and efficient planning of general administration of its activities; hence the need for a computerized information system which is the only way to manage or obtain timely an accurate information. Though a manual information processing system might be operating in real time for some application but the consensus of option are in a parallel time relationship with an on going activities and must be able to produce information quickly enough to be useful in controlling this current life dynamic activities.