1. To introduce basic concepts of organic synthesis:

Neither Wohler nor his contemporaries claimed that his results disproved the vitalforce theory. But his results set in motion a series of experiments that led to thesynthesis of a variety of organic compounds from inorganic starting materials. Thisinevitably led to the disappearance of "vital force" from the list of theoriesthat had any relevance to chemistry, although it did not lead to the death of the theory,which still had proponents more than 90 years later.

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3. To illustrate the importance of organic synthesis with real examples.

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Onsite wastewater treatment systems, such as septic systems, serve 20% of U.S. households and are common in areas not served by wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) globally. They can be sources of nutrients and pathogen pollution and have been linked to health effects in communities where they contaminate drinking water. However, few studies have evaluated their ability to remove organic wastewater compounds (OWCs) such as pharmaceuticals, hormones, and detergents. We synthesized results from 20 studies of 45 OWCs in conventional drainfield-based and alternative onsite wastewater treatment systems to characterize concentrations and removal. For comparison, we synthesized 31 studies of these same OWCs in activated sludge WWTPs. OWC concentrations and removal in drainfields varied widely and depended on wastewater sources and compound-specific removal processes, primarily sorption and biotransformation. Compared to drainfields, alternative systems had similar median and higher maximum concentrations, reflecting a wider range of system designs and redox conditions. OWC concentrations and removal in drainfields were generally similar to those in conventional WWTPs. Persistent OWCs in groundwater and surface water can indicate the overall extent of septic system impact, while the presence of well-removed OWCs, such as caffeine and acetaminophen, may indicate discharges of poorly treated wastewater from failing or outdated septic systems.

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The first step in the decline of the vital force theory occurred in 1828, whenFriederich Wohler synthesized urea from inorganic starting materials. Wohler was trying tomake ammonium cyanate (NH4OCN) from silver cyanate (AgOCN) and ammoniumchloride (NH4Cl). What he expected is described by the following equation.

When faced with the challenge of preparing a specific organic compound ho do we go about it?

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Answers to each of these questions fall within the realm of a field known as organicchemistry. For more than 200 years, chemists have divided materials into twocategories. Those isolated from plants and animals were classified as organic,while those that trace back to minerals were inorganic. At one time, chemistsbelieved that organic compounds were fundamentally different from those that wereinorganic because organic compounds contained a vital force that was onlyfound in living systems.

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studies the mechanism based development of new methods and reagents for the synthesis of fine chemical and pharmacological organic molecules. Target molecular systems include nitrogen and oxygen heterocycles possessing chirality. Our synthetic methods work places a premium on developing economically and environmentally responsible chemistries. Our current studies utilize microwave and organocatalytic methods and are focused on developing asymmetric routes to dihydropyridazines and dihydrophthalazinones and the development of new low cost reagents for the synthesis of carbohydrate and pseudo-carbohydrate targets.


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Ca. 7 million organic compounds known – most have been made by synthesis rather than isolated from nature.

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1b Several papers describe the biotransformation of citronellal into industrially applicable compounds 2 as well as its metabolism in living organisms; 3 most importantly its reductive bioconversion into citronellol by isolated enzymes or whole cells.

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You won’t get very far in your study of organic chemistry without the periodic table of elements and an understanding of the common functional groups (or reactive centers) that dictate how most of a compound’s chemical reactions occur.