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On the pro side are (at least) the following three facts: First, Shostakovich’s styledid indeed change from a rather dissonant, non-tonal, radical modernism in the mid-to-late1920s to a much more traditional, sometimes very traditional style, later in life. Second,at certain key junctures, when major government pronouncements on the arts or criticismsaimed at him took place (especially in 1936 and 1948), the composer withdrew and/orwithheld works, seemingly disappeared from public view for a time, and came out with avery euphonic piece of music, which pleased the authorities. Third, he expressed fear,even mortal fear, as a result of the criticisms aimed at him and at his music.

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We will never know the whole truth about all aspects of the career of Shostakovich andthe reasons for all of his actions. Even if we did, it would not greatly lessen thecontroversy. Since the Soviet and Western systems are so fundamentally philosophicallydifferent and are in competition, there will always be some who will seize on whateverevidence there is to attack the other system. To some, the idea of a governmentinterfering in any way in the artistic output of an artist is anathema. Some people,however, are able to put it into perspective. The great conductor Sir Adrian Boult said in1948

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State interference is a bugbear which is to be met all over the world in these troubled times, and no one who lives in Great Britain nowadays can feel entitled to throw stones at any of our neighbours. Doubtless it is a great irritation to a composer to be told that a work he has just finished is not acceptable to the State and must not be performed or published. But it is easy for us to forget that he is being fed and kept very comfortably at State expense, and if a benevolent government decides to pay the piper, rather than just let him starve as we do in Britain, it is perhaps natural that it should sometimes wish to call the tune, or to condemn it.