What Are Photosynthesis and Respiration?

Photosynthesis is the first stage of energy flow through an ecosystem. You and all other animals on earth rely on the energy that plants store for life. But animals aren’t the only organisms that burn energy. Plants burn energy as they grow, too. In both plants and animals, the process of — which releases stored energy for use — occurs in the mitochondria inside each cell.

Photosynthesisoccurs in cells .Respiration occurs in cells.

What's the difference between Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

comparing Photosynthesis and Respiration.

Only plants can photosynthesize, but both plants and animals depend on respiration to release the chemical potential energy originally captured through photosynthesis.

Comparing & Contrasting Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

The figure illustrates how closely photosynthesis and respiration are linked. As you can see, thanks to these two life-sustaining processes, plants and animals depend on each other to survive.

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Activity Description: Students are given worksheets that have unlabeled figures of cellular respiration in three parts. Students label the images and take notes as part of lecture or on their own. They then pair off with a neighbor and teach each part.

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Comparing and contrasting photosynthesis and cellular respiration ..

Respiration occurs in your cells and is fueled by the oxygen you inhale. The carbon dioxide gas you exhale is the result of a completed cycle of cellular respiration.

Comparison & Contrast between Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

The Link between Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Theprocesses of photosynthesis and respiration take in and release the gasses CO2and O2.Duringphotosynthesis, cells take in release .During respiration, cells take in and release

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Comparing and contrasting photosynthesis and respiration

Respiration consists of a complicated series of chemical reactions. In the first stage, glucose is oxidized, and the chemical potential energy of its bonds is transferred to the chemical potential bonds of an ATP molecule. The ATP molecule can then be transported throughout the cell where its stored energy is used to complete various tasks within the cell. This process releases carbon dioxide gas and water.