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both half-courses from the offerings in Comparative Literature;
both half-courses from the offerings in other graduate programs;
one half-course from the offerings in Comparative Literature and the other half-course from the offerings in other
graduate programs.

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The department offers a Doctor of Philosophy and a Ph.D. minor in Comparative Literature.

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The graduate programme in Comparative Literature draws on the combined expertise of staff in the language and literature departments in UCL's Arts and Humanities Faculty, the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). This enables virtually global coverage.

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Study for the degrees of MPhil and PhD in Comparative Literature results in the submission of a thesis. The thesis is a book-length contribution to knowledge, based on original research.

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The undergraduate minor in Comparative Literature represents an abbreviated (22 unit minimum) version of the major. It is designed for students who are unable to pursue the major, but who nonetheless seek an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of literature. Plans for the minor should be discussed with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. Up to 5 units of SLE or Independent Study may count towards one of the four additional Comparative Literature courses with approval from the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. Requirements for the minor in Comparative Literature include:

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5. Electives: Majors must complete at least 28 units of electives. 15 of the 28 units must be COMPLIT courses. The remaining courses should form a coherent intellectual focus requiring approval from the Chair of Undergraduate Studies and may be drawn from Comparative Literature offerings, from other literature departments, or from other fields of interdisciplinary relevance. Up to 10 units of Thinking Matters or SLE courses may be counted towards the elective requirement. Electives are subject to adviser consultation and approval.

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In the middle of the second term, when research questions for the MA thesis are being developed, each student should consult with the Graduate Chair about the selection of an appropriate thesis supervisor and (if needed) a second reader for the intended field of research. The main supervisor must be a member of the core faculty in Comparative Literature. Working closely with the CL 9502 instructor and with the supervisor, the student formulates a tentative set of research questions relevant to a specific topic within the chosen field and writes a thesis prospectus (10 pages maximum, double-spaced).

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Comparative Literature research students can take part in the symposia and week-long seminars of the international , which involves the universities of Aarhus, Giessen, Lisbon, Leuven, Santiago de Compostela and Utrecht as well as UCL.

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Before starting graduate work at Stanford, students should have completed an undergraduate program with a strong background in one literature and some work in a second literature studied in the original language. Since the program demands an advanced knowledge of two non-native languages and a reading knowledge of a third non-native language, students should at the time of application have an advanced enough knowledge of one of the three to take graduate-level courses in that language when they enter the program. They should be making enough progress in the study of a second language to enable them to take graduate courses in that language not later than the beginning of the second year, and earlier if possible. Language courses at the 100- or 200- level may be taken with approval from the Director of the department or the Chair of Graduate Studies. Applicants are expected to take an intensive course in the third language before entrance.