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The research method of numerical simulation is simple and convenient in comparison with experimental method which could provide conductive advice to optimization of the design of large space low-temperature cold storage.

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There was a negligible effect of fruit cold storage on calibration performance.
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There was a negligible effect of fruit cold storage on ..

It is necessary to extent the shelf life and keeps at best quality of the fruits and vegetables during post harvest. In , losses of fruits and vegetables during post-harvest fluctuate between 20-50% (). Storage of cucumber fruits at 24°C compare to 10°C decreased storage life, fresh weigh, content and firmness (). , and stated that potassium improves fruit via increasing protein and starch content, total soluble solids, content and extends fruit shelf life. Post harvest application of CaCl2 to cucumber fruits stored at 20 or 13°C extend storage shelf life, decrease fresh weight loss, decrease leakage of electrolytes and content and ethylene production from fruits (). Also, concluded that foliar spray with calcium chloride significantly increased yield and improved physical and chemical quality of Anna apple ( cv. Borkh). The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate and anfaton on plant growth, yield and fruit storability under cold and room temperature storage.

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Shelf Life Experiment
Weight loss, changes in TSS and electrolyte leakage during storage at 27 or 10°C were preformed on fruits harvested during the last week of April. Fruits were taken from plants treated with KNO3 and Ca(NO3)2. Fruits were put in a polyethylene bag each having 24 holes of a 1-2 mm diameter and stored at the desired temperature and fruit samples were taken every three days for the analysis.

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Vegetatively propagated plants fruit in 15-22 months.In Queensland, tops and slips from the summer crop of 'Smooth Cayenne' are stored upside down, close together, in semi-shade, for planting in the fall.

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Venezuelan farmers may interplant with citrus trees or avocados.Cold storage at a temperature of 40°F (4.44°C) and lower causes chilling injury and breakdown in pineapples.

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It is worthy to note that after two weeks of storage at room temperature fruits deteriorate and become unacceptable to consume while those stored at 10°C retain acceptable quality. This result is with an agreement with previous ones who recommend the storage period of Beit Alpha cucumber to be up to 14 days at 10°C without significant loss in quality ().