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In these protocols, nodes are divided into some clusters and some nodes based on some parameter are the selected as cluster heads (CH). These cluster heads exchange data with the Base station (BS) which costs the most energy of the nodes. Even though this concept has similarity with the Basic Service set (BSS) of Infrastructure mode where there is an Access point (AP) [5] (here the CH) and few cells communicate via this access point, the method in WSN is much more dynamic and energy efficient. Due to these advantages, sensor nodes can remarkably save their own energy.

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We propose a purely deterministic model that utilizes clustering to organize the WSN.

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Clustering in WSN should take into account the latency [16]. Latency is an important factor for system reliability such as the case of emergency response, and accuracy of data reporting in case of high frequency periodical data updates. On the other hand, energy consumption is essential to ensure survivability of sensor nodes and hence the lifetime of the system. In a Multihop network, significant delay occurs at each hop due to contention for the wireless channel, packets processing and queuing delay. The latency is therefore a function of the number of communication hops between the source and the gateway (CH). Latency is also a dependent on distance. For our experiment our networks latency is a function of distance. As the distance increases the latency increases and vice versa.

clustering to organize the WSN.

Keywords: routing protocol, wireless sensor network..REAL TIME SUPPORT AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN WIRELESS SENSOR REAL -TIME SUPPORT AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS Real Time Support and Energy Efficiency in WSN Routing protocols fulfil » Topic: Thesis On Clustering In Wsn – 279904Home › Forums › Rules › Thesis On Clustering In Wsn – 279904.

There are a few protocols using sensor clusters to coordinate the energy consumption in a WSN.
A new individual encoding scheme that represents a joint solution for both the clustering and routing problems in WSNs is proposed.

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The joint problem of clustering and routing in WSNs is formulated as a multi-objective minimization problem with a variable number of CHs, aiming at determining an energy efficient, reliable ( in terms of data delivery) and scalable clustering and routing scheme.

Survey on the clustering schemes of mobile ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) ..

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Clustering routing algorithm is an important and widely used method, which can prolong the lifecycle of WSN

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