CARMEN is a Prog Folk / Progressive Rock artist from United Kingdom

BROOKLYN, NY, USA -- Synth-pop Svengali is proud to announce that he will be releasing a series of creative and utilitarian modules for the ever-present Eurorack small-format modular system under the namesake Clarke company name, designed and built to exacting standards in close collaboration with British ‘boutique’ analogue synthesiser and accessory designer/manufacturer , starting with the now-available Auto Tune — a self-contained, expandable Eurorack-compatible MIDI-to-CV converter/calibration system offering an uncomplicated solution to the problems of tuning and scaling both vintage analogue synthesisers and modern Eurorack VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) modules — as of March 18…

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Brand X is a jazz fusion band, originally active between 1975–1980 and 1992–1999

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Suffice to say, Vince Clarke’s canny vision of an all-in-one MIDI-to-CV convertor with auto-calibration has truly become reality with the Clarke Auto Tune system since it is possible to set the individual MIDI channel for each VCS20 slave module and see which MIDI channel a slave module is set to at any time by simply pressing its Show button. Beauty is in simple things, after all. Equally easy, the VCS20 slave module’s Oct. (octave) button transposes the incoming MIDI signal by one octave with each push, cycling around four octaves — useful if the synthesiser’s range circuit is detuned. Don’t forget, each VCS20 slave module connected can be individually set to work with V/oct or Hz/V synthesisers so a variety of older and newer analogue instruments can be calibrated and automatically tuned by the Clarke Auto Tune system. Start with a VCM20 master module and one VCS20 slave module, maybe? Then simply add more VCS20 slave modules as your analogue instrument collection grows… guaranteed to stay in tune, each and every one of them — just like Vince Clarke’s Brooklyn-based sizeable collection of vintage and modern synthesisers! Synth-pop songwriting success, sadly, cannot be guaranteed.

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The most reliable methods of speech synthesis evaluation rely on measurements of the perceptual performance of human listeners (often referred to as "subjective" tests of speech quality and intelligibility). There is a strong demand today for the so-called "objective" evaluation of text-to-speech systems. This is driven by a desire to be able to determine the quality and intelligibility of a speech synthesis, or other speech technology, system without needing to use significant numbers of human listeners. Interest in the evaluation of speech synthesisers in not new, however, as can be seen in papers from the early 1980's by David Pisoni and John Clark (below) as well as a number of papers that pre-date the Pisoni and Clark papers. See for a bibliography and a review of this early material. Also have a look at .

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So why simultaneously sidestep into this creative and utilitarian synthesiser module manufacturing (ad)venture alongside superlative synth-pop music compositional creativity? Who better qualified to address this than the Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter himself… hardly surprising, really, since Vince Clarke can, of course, comfortably find his way around a notable number of synthesisers, too, as attested to by the well-earned songwriting success-funded collection of analogue classics currently residing at his NYC studio, relatively recently relocated from a custom-built cabin in rural Maine to inner-city Brooklyn. But this is no millionaire’s museum piece, but rather a unique personal workspace, where each and every awe-inspiring analogue instrument included in his sizeable collection of vintage and modern synthesisers comfortably housed within regularly earns its keep on a variety of musical projects, be they synth-pop based or otherwise. “For those of you who work with synthesisers using CV and Gate, you will all be aware of the problems of calibration,” notes Vince Clarke, continuing: “Having tried many a cumbersome software-based package over the years, I wondered if there might be a neater solution — a kind of all-in-one MIDI-to-CV convertor with auto-calibration.”

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