A parasitic (endosymbiotic) hypothesis of ciliate origin

The most abundant ciliates at Guaymas were more likely to be represented in clone libraries from other hydrothermal, deep-sea, and/or anoxic or microaerophilic environments, supporting the hypothesis that these ciliate species are broadly distributed.

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Nuclear differentiation for mating types in the ciliate Dileptus anser: a hypothesis.

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None of the previous taxon samplings of SSU rRNA signatures in initial DHAB protistan diversity surveys reached saturation [,], as is generally the case in cloning and Sanger sequencing-based strategies [-]. Therefore, it was not possible to observe many patterns of diversity in previous studies of DHABs, nor was it possible to perform comparative statistical analyses of specific taxa in the DHABs. In this study we applied a high-throughput next generation sequencing strategy (pyrosequencing) and a ciliate-specific primer set in order to recover a comprehensive dataset on this target group. The resulting data from deep sequencing enabled us to address basic ecological questions. Our first hypothesis was that the distinct chemistries of the different basins would drive species sorting in planktonic ciliate communities in the brines and interfaces of each basin. If this hypothesis is true, we would expect (i) that interface communities will differ decisively from brine communities (environmental filtering) and (ii) that ciliate communities in interfaces are more similar to each other than in the brines (isolated island character of brine basins). The brines of the different basins are isolated from one another due to the sharp density gradient that exists between these hypersaline basins and overlying Mediterranean seawater. In contrast, exchange may be possible between interface populations in different DHABs since some exchange is possible between seawater and the typically ca. 2 m-thick interfaces (haloclines). Our second hypothesis was that ciliate community composition in the brines and interfaces of these four DHABs, separated by up to 500 km, would not be significantly affected by distance between basins. If this hypothesis is true, we would expect no significant correlation between pairs of samples and geographic distance between the respective sampling sites, therefore, no isolation with distance.

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The first focus of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that the sBG ciliate uses a reservoir(s) or second host when sBG is not observed in shrimp.

26/12/2017 · Hypothesis: The rapidly fluctuating velocity provided by ciliate locomotion could provide significant riding and wrangling challenges
Syncytial ciliate hypothesis

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From this perspective we introduce the nonsense-suppression hypothesis for the evolution of ciliate altered genetic codes.

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