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Rejecting the conventional view, Kripke suggests that, on thecontrary, the Church-Turing thesis is susceptible to mathematicalproof. Furthermore he canvasses the idea that Turing himself sketchedan argument that serves to prove the thesis.

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to the ministry of helps: its scriptural and functional position in the local church.

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Although these forms are not specifically laid out in the Bible, we do have some guidelines that we can apply.

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If we were to create an organizational chart, Jesus Christ would fill the positions of Founder, President, CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Board.

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The term "house church" needs clarification. On the contemporary scene, as many as five types of home-based groups have been identified. The fundamental distinction is that house churches are small congregations in their own right, whereas home cell groups are sub-units of a congregation. In this paper, therefore, "house church" refers to an indigenous and self-functioning church small enough to gather together in a home or similar surroundings. This, in essence, is also a description of the first-century churches of the New Testament.

These writers go on to assert that what they call the ‘PhysicalChurch-Turing Thesis’

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Nachum Dershowitz and Yuri Gurevich and (independently) Wilfried Sieghave also argued that the Church-Turing thesis is susceptible tomathematical proof. Sieg focusses on Turing’s argument I,offering an axiomatized version of it in his 2002 and 2008 (for acritique of Sieg’s approach see Shagrir 2006). In their 2008Dershowitz and Gurevich offer

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In this extended pamphlet, Owen Emeric Vidal (1819-1855), the first Bishop of Sierra Leone, reflects on linguistic and cultural matters connected with Anglican church life in eastern Africa.

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connectionist models … may possibly even challenge the strongconstrual of Church’s Thesis as the claim that the class ofwell-defined computations is exhausted by those of Turing machines.(Smolensky 1988: 3)

In this volume, he explains the history and structure of the Episcopal Church in the United States.

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computability by a Turing machine … has the advantage of makingthe identification with effectiveness in the ordinary (not explicitlydefined) sense evident immediately. (Church 1937a: 43)

Even the modest young Turing agreed that his analysis was“possibly more convincing” than Church’s (Turing1937: 153).

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A few months before Turing, Church arrived at the same negative resultconcerning the decidability of the functional calculus. Theydiscovered this result quite independently of one another. Churchemployed the concept of lambda-definability(λ-definability) where Turing used computability by anL.C.M.

Eliot delivered these lectures on the duties of the Church of England and its ministers in light of slavery in the West Indies.

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The Church-Turing thesis is a thesis about the extent of effectivemethods, and therein lies its mathematical importance. Putting thisanother way, the thesis concerns what a human being canachieve when working by rote, with paper and pencil (ignoringcontingencies such as boredom, death, or insufficiency of paper). Thethesis carries no implication concerning the extent of whatmachines are capable of achieving (even digital machinesacting in accordance with “explicitly stated rules” (Gregory 1987)).Because, among a machine’s repertoire of basic operations, theremay be operations that a human being working by rote with paper andpencil cannot perform.