Solid‐phase synthesis of siRNA oligonucleotides.

At present, the CATAPAZ chemistry is successfully used for the production of Universal solid support and new nucleoside bound supports for synthesis of DNA, RNA, siRNA as well as any type of modified oligonucleotides.

Process for triphosphate oligonucleotide synthesis.

DNA's chemical properties can be harnessed for a variety of biotechnology applications.

A universal glass support for oligonucleotide synthesis.

So far, the reactions you have seen have only one product molecule on the right-hand side of the chemical equation. Be on the lookout for synthesis reactions with multiple products. A familiar example of a more complex synthesis reaction is the overall equation for photosynthesis:

RNA oligonucleotide synthesis via 5′‐silyl‐2′‐orthoester chemistry.

AB - Studies of the interaction between the small molecules and DNA, especially the effects of the structural characteristics of the small molecules on the DNA interaction, are very important for the design of DNA targeting new drugs. In this context, the development of photochemical DNA cleaving agents, which selectively cleave DNA by irradiation with light of a specific wavelength under mild conditions and without any additives such as metals and reducing agents, is very interesting from chemical and biological standpoints and offers considerable potential in medicine especially in the post-genome era. In this article, the molecular design, chemical synthesis, DNA photocleaving property and photo-selective cytotoxicity of such novel and artificial light activatable DNA cleaving agents, which consist of DNA intercalator and carbohydrate, are described.

DNA's chemical properties can be harnessed for a variety of biotechnology applications.

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Another major bottleneck for DNA origami has been that scientists typically produce staples via expensive and time-consuming chemical synthesis, so these DNA architects tend to work with mere micrograms of material. Yet biomedical applications, such as drug encapsulation and delivery, may require many grams for testing in animals. “There’s no way you can pull that off unless you can make a lot of these things,” Dietz says.

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They are building blocks for the synthesis of pharmaceutical oligonucleotide analogues and initial compounds for preparation of corresponding nucleoside 5'-di- and triphosphates.

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Metkinen Chemistry offers a full set of 2’-F-nucleoside CE-phosphoramidites for the chemical synthesis and a full set of 2’-F-nucleoside 5’-triphosphates for enzymatic preparation of FANA.

Synthesis of oligoribonucleotides.

This means that if a target DNA fragment is 50 nucleotides long, at the end of chemical synthesis only half of the molecules in the sample will be the desired length while the other half will be truncated.

The chemical synthesis of oligo‐ and poly‐ribonucleotides.

But there was one limitation that had not yet been overcome, and was not likely to be: that is, the maximum length of a DNA strand that can be reliably produced by chemical synthesis hovers around just 100-200 nucleotides.

Chemical synthesis of RNA via 2′‐O‐cyanoethylated intermediates.

Since its development in the early 1950s chemical synthesis of DNA has certainly made significant strides, including the graduation to solid-phase synthesis and automation of the assembly process.