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The process of cellular respiration can pretty much seem like the exact opposite of photosynthesis. In this process, both water and carbon dioxide are produce after glucose is broken down.

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Cellular respiration is essentially the opposite process of photosynthesis

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explain how ATP is used in the cells
ATP is mostly required for movement and second to drive endergonic reactions.
label the parts of ATP
determine the difference between ATP and ADP
ATP has three phospate groups and ADP has two phospate groups
what is needed and made in the light dependent reactions
needed-light engergy turned to chemical energy
made-NADPH and ATP
what is needed and made in the Calvin cycle
needed-CO2,ATP,NADPH ,rubisco
what factors affect photosynthesis
between photosynthesis and cellular respiration
difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration
lactic acid fermintation and alcoholic fermintation
The amount of light ,The color of the light ,The type and quantity of the chlorophyll ,The available quantity of water and carbon dioxide
Photosynthesis takes the energy from sunlight and uses it to put together large sugar molecules from the raw ingredients CO2 and H2O.

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The effect it has on the world is that it takes carbon dioxide which we breath out, and changes it back to oxygen, which we breathe in.
what is the major function of cellular respiration
cellular respiration is the process of harvesting energy off chemical bonds putting the electrons to work to produce ATP.
how does photosynthesis and respiration interact and how do they control the flow of energy through living systems
The oxygen and water released by cellular respiration are used as reactants for photosynthesis.

Essentially, respiration and photosynthesis are opposites.

The two processes are essentially the opposite of each other in regard to the equations, however the reactions are not opposite, because cellular respiration can use glucose, while photosynthesis can use another different carbohydrate.

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3 environmental factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis
light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.
What interactions exist between photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
The oxygen and water released by cellular respiration are used as reactants for photosynthesis.

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Cellular respiration is a process that uses the food created by the photosynthesis process to break it back down into energy, which will then be used by both plants and other living creatures. In this process, through the usage of glucose, energy is created (ATP).

between cellular respiration and photosynthesis

There are two major processes in which glucose is broken down in cellular respiration: glycolysis and aerobic respiration. In the processes, the glucose is essentially broken down in order to create both water and carbon dioxide, out of the consumption of the glucose itself.

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Both animals and plants perform cellular respiration, but only plants perform photosynthesis.
What is the function of the electron transport change in light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis?
Produces ATP and NADPH which are necessary to fix CO2 in the Calvin Cycle.

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Photosynthesis is a lot different from cellular respiration. It needs sunlight in order to produce food, and it needs to produce glucose so it requires energy. This process occurs in all plants, and some bacteria have adopted it as well. At the end of the process, oxygen is released into the atmosphere, which will then be used by other living beings to survive.