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“When I moved to GA in 2012 ProCare was the place I knew I had to go for my legs! From day one their professionalism and family like treatment towards me was unlike no other. From day one I was impressed with every single little thing that they did to accommodate me, no matter what the situation was, they were always willing to do their best to meet my requests. I received my final two prosthesis from ProCare in the spring of 2013 and I am still wearing those same sockets and legs! It’s been difficult in finding a company like ProCare to meet my requests since I moved to CA in 2013 and I wish they had an office on the Westside...Thank you ProCare for going above and beyond in taking care of your customers and making them feel welcomed.”

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“Sarah and the ProCare team have taken excellent care of all my prosthetic needs. They are currently helping me make big changes to improve my current and future athletic goals and career goals by improving my current leg and giving me a new and improved leg as well.”

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“In 2008, I was told my running days were over, in 2009 I had an amputation to allow me to walk and run again. In 2011, I found the prosthetists and technology that would not only allow me to run again, but to later run the Boston Marathon multiple times. ProCare is simply the best. Just like doctors and dentists and other healthcare professionals, not all are created equal. Through talent, dedication to their patients, and with perseverance that equals or exceeds the most demanding athlete, ProCare rises above their peers. Although I was advised to go to ProCare after my operation, I had to make my share of mistakes before making a move. The change in my prosthetics was unbelievably better, my new leg felt like I had imagined it should feel as a lifetime runner. If you are an amputee in discomfort and pain and are going nowhere fast, talk to ProCare. Well worth your time and effort to go to the best.”

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