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“For industrial parts, we use autoclaves, stamping, pressing and resin transfer molding, with material selection driven by function of the part. For example, the C-Leg cover must be stiff to protect the hydraulics and electronics inside.” In July 2015, Össur unveiled successful demonstrations of mind-controlled lower limb (MCLL) prosthetics, using its implanted myoelectric sensor (IMES) technology. The first two cases include one above-knee amputee using the dynamic Rheo Knee device and one below-knee amputee using the dynamic ProPrio Foot, made with CFRP. Össur has large-scale clinical trials underway, aiming for commercialization in 3-5 years.

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 on various techniques using Carbon Fibre. They have a number of instructional video.

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In the same price range as many exoskeleton products, INDEGO costs roughly US$80,000. Gormley says personal lifelong use is a definite goal, but the cost is a factor and work is still needed to document its health benefits and usage outcomes if users are to obtain health insurance reimbursements. Parker Hannifin has started a four-year, multi-center study funded by the US Department of Defense and the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to do just that. Ekso Bionics also has received FDA approval for its Ekso GT product to be used with stroke and spinal cord injury (SCI) patients, while the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA, Washington, DC, US) has issued a national coverage policy for ReWalk Robotics Inc.’s (Marlborough, MA, US) robotic wearable exoskeletons for qualifying veterans with SCI. Veterans will be evaluated for use of the device, which uses CFRP footplates to support the patient’s weight, while powered hip and knee motion enables the patient to stand upright and walk independently. Training will begin on an outpatient basis and proceed to home or community settings, followed by consideration for procurement of a personal device for long-term use. Although both ReWalk and Parker Hannifin are focused primarily on rehabilitation products, Parker also is pursuing human augmentation products via its investment in and partnership with Freedom Innovations (Irvine, CA, US), which uses CFRP in a number of its standard prosthetic devices and component upgrades. (Read more in "Composites in exosleletons," under "Editor's Picks" at top right.)

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The layers in the fibers are formed by strong covalent bonds. The sheet-like aggregations readily allow the propagation of cracks. When the fibers bend they fails at very low strain. In other words carbon fibre does not bend much before failing.

I want to know whether jute fibre can be used for making carbon fibre

Test have shown that failure is unlikely to be a problem when cyclic stresses coincide with the fiber orientation. Carbon fiber is superior to E glass in fatigue and static strength as well as stiffness.

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Composites made from carbon fibre must either be made with UV resistant epoxy (uncommon), or covered with a UV resistant finish such as varnishes.

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Carbon Fiber is not categorized as hazardous material according to Japanese laws. Outlined descriptions of suggested MSDS for handling Carbon Fibers yarn prepared in compliance with the Japan Chemical Industries Association's guidelines are as follows. Carbon Fiber users should observe an MSDS issued by respective Carbon Fiber manufacturers. An MSDS dose not guarantee safety. A MSDS shall be carefully referred to in drawing up manuals, standards and regulations for each respective processing work of a Carbon Fiber processor. Currently societies put keen attentions on possible hazards that may be caused by newly developed chemicals and by micro quantity chemical additives. In view of the facts that Carbon Fibers are used as a composite material with other resins particularly with epoxy resin, Carbon Fiber users may as well take note on various regulations controlling chemical substances.

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. Necking is when the sample cross-section starts to significantly contract. If you take a strip of plastic bag, it will stretch and at one point will start getting narrow. This is necking. Tensile Strength is measured in Force per Unit area. Brittle materials such as carbon fiber does not always fail at the same stress level because of internal flaws. They fail at small strains. (in other words there is not a lot of bending or stretching before catastrophic failure) of brittle materials

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NOTE: When testing carbon fiber, and other fibres and non homogenious materials, samples much be made that are consistant and comparable. This is not a simple procedure. If you read research where strength/stiffness is compared, the researchers will always explain how their samples were manufactured including the type of matrix, alignment of fibres, ratio of fibres to matric among other factors. This difficulty explains why measurements can vary quite a lot between research results.