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New technologies have shown promise in reducing car theft. The local police role with respect to car security systems might be to advocate their use by local car owners.

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 Table 1. Risk of Car Theft by Parking Location in England and Wales (1982-1994)

Thefts of and from Cars on Residential Streets and Driveways

Overall, the article used pathos effectively to support the identity theft claim by capturing quotes from actual identity theft victims and the author utilized scare tactics to inform the neutral audience about the various ways that identity theft can happen and to help protect their identity on and offline....

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Newman, G. (2004). “Car Safety and Car Security: An Historical Comparison.” In M.G. Maxfield and R.V. Clarke (eds.), Understanding and Preventing Car Theft. Crime Prevention Studies, volume 17. Monsey (New York): Criminal Justice Press.

One of the most common forms of identity theft is credit and debit card fraud.


In many densely populated areas, thefts from cars go uninvestigated if there is no information from the victim as to the identity of the perpetrator. Frequently, police departments do not even send an officer to the scene to investigate or to interview the victim. Reports on these types of offenses are often simply taken over the telephone and entered into the departments’ records. While this sort of action may be pragmatic in overburdened police agencies, when attempting to address a specific problem it causes the loss of a great deal of information that may be of assistance. Identifying one or more perpetrators can alleviate a problem by removing the offender and providing insight into the characteristics, motives, and methods of operation of the thieves. Furthermore, the collection of intelligence concerning the scene of the theft may also help in prevention if the information is routinely shared with a crime analyst, who may help, using mapping techniques, to identify risky locations. (See for further guidance on problem analysis.) The following specific intelligence collection methods may be particularly useful for this type of problem:

This would most likely lead to credit card fraud and online Identity Theft.

Bob learns that his coworker was arrested for car theft.

On the street. National Crime Survey data indicate that most car thefts (37 percent) occurs on the street outside the victim’s home. A study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed that a car parked on the street is much more likely to be targeted by criminals than a car parked in a driveway, as can be seen in Table 1. Hampshire (United Kingdom) police discovered that nearly one-half of all car crimes in Portsmouth occurred on only about 10 percent of the city’s streets and that the pattern was even further concentrated within those streets.

The following are potentially useful measures of the effectiveness of responses to thefts of and from cars:

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While generally a more significant problem in metropolitan areas, thefts of cars also pose a significant crime problem in many suburban jurisdictions. Cars are generally stolen for one of three purposes: (1) for temporary transportation, such as use in another crime or for “joyriding”; (2) to strip the car of its valuable parts for resale; (3) to re-sell it, often disguised as a legitimate car. The vast majority of car thefts are committed for transportation or “joyriding.” Stolen cars generate higher insurance costs, inconvenience, and financial losses for car owners as well as the risks to the safety of police officers and other motorists from stolen vehicle pursuits.

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Two Men Indicted in Rental Car Theft, Scam.

The following are some questions you should ask in analyzing your particular problem of thefts of and from cars on suburban residential streets or driveways, even if the answers are not always readily available. Your answers to these and other questions will help you choose the most appropriate set of responses later on.