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Should you decide you don't want to hear the motor, sticking the 428i Gran Coupe into Comfort mode tones down the volume of the exhaust noise and sound synthesis, so that it is easily drowned out by wind noise and road rumble on the motorway.

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Granular synthesis is a more practical approach because it makes use of snippets of a sound recording and thus inherits/preserves the short-time signal’s timbre. Given an engine recording revving up/down, one can analyse the underlying grains representing each engine firing cycle and then concatenate these grains in real-time.

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Additive synthesis models the engine sound signal by sinusoids (harmonics) and residuals (noise). It is the Holy Grail of procedural engine sound synthesis, but it remains a challenging task to re-produce the complex modulation behaviors which characterise realistic engine sound quality.

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Therefore, RES has a bit less flexibility than VSS in the sound control. Even so, it can synthesize the more realistic engine sounds when compared with the conventional racing game applications.

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As for smart phones, because their CPU is not high enough, RES synthesizes the sound data, which VSS has made by synthesizing the several kinds of sounds in steady operation, by playing in a loop.

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SDL Method enables us to make the engine sound of any numbers of cylinders. It has also made it possible to make the sound of engine which has irregular intervals of combustion. Because the method controls the sound by each cylinder, it can synthesize the sounds even when those from each cylinder are uneven.

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A unique mode has also been developed for tyre-rolling sounds, which allows scratching the recording like a DJ for synthesising texture sounds with coherent timbre and seamless transitions.

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The traditional approach to engine sound design is based on several engine sound loops of fixed RPM. Sound designers usually spend hours of editing work to find loop points for best crossfade and to fine-tune pitch-shifting for best RPM transitions.

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Please contact us if you are interested in either our engine sound synthesis technology or the physical model of engines and vehicles. We can provide the charged technical assistance upon request. We can sell the programs also upon request.

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The control of synthesis is intuitive; namely, the engine RPM, that – just like driving a car – can be directly influenced by the physics working upon the vehicle. By using multiple instances for different miking positions, the switching of perspectives can be efficiently carried out.