Does photosynthesis occur with artificial light

Chlorophyll cannot operate without plants – but of course it is an attractive idea to seek a biomimetic solution: to copy nature and try to create artificial photosynthesis, where fuel can be produced in a photochemical system. Process ingredients are almost inexhaustible – sun and water – and by using carbon dioxide as a resource instead of as a pollutant.

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Can plants photosynthesize artificial light ..

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I don't think this plant will survive any longer.
In conclusion you can grow plants in Artificial light or Natural light just don't put the plant to close to the sun because to much Heat can damage the leaves and may eventually kill the plants.
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Indoor Plant Lighting: How Much Light House Plants Need

Natural light

Some people say that yes plants can grow in artificial light because the light for the sun and artificial light's rays are almost the same
On the other hand some people think that sunlight is better for plant photosynthesis and artificial light is bad for plants because it could burn the plants leaves.
I hypothesize that both plants will be successful because I think that Artificial light has similar rays to the Sun.
I will need:

1 Box

2 seedlings that are the same I chose 2 fren seedlings

1 towel

1 Rechargeable Emergency led light

1 ball of string
1) I put one of my seedlings in a box with a towel over it and put a light over it tie it with the String.

2) Put one seedling on the window cell.

3) Observe it everyday at 9:30

4) Only give water when needed
week 2
Day 1
The plants are growing fine.

The process cannot take place without sufficient light, so photosynthesis ..

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If it has to been done, Chaney recommends using mercury vapor, metal halide, or fluorescent lamps that orderof preference for artificial lights for trees. High-pressure sodium lamps should be avoided and even low-intensity incandescentare best excluded due to its high output of infrared and potential impact on some tree species. Light fixtures or luminairesshould be shielded so that their light output is directed toward the ground. This not only keeps the light away from plants,preventing their potential harm and also reduces light pollution, but also better illuminates the pathways for pedestrians andvehicular traffic by . In all cases, up-lightingand shining light over great horizontal distances should be avoided. Lights should be turned off or dimmed during off-peak hoursto avoid continuous lighting of trees, which has the greatest potential for upsetting normal growth patterns. If you're determinedto plant trees where supplemental night lighting already exists, select those with low sensitivity to light.

03/12/2009 · Obviously artificial light is capable of giving plants the components they need to perform photosynthesis because plants are able to live indoors

light for photosynthesis Provides plants with ..

It is clear that most night lighting may not be enough to cause photosynthesis, but still can affect treesthat are sensitive to day length. Artificial lighting, especially from a source that emits in the red to infrared range of thespectrum, extends the day length and can change flowering patterns, and most importantly, promote continued growth long after itis safe for the trees to do so, due to a coming winter.

Theoretical models suggest ways for optimizing artificial photosynthesis to turn light into energy the way plants do

yes photosynthesis can happen in artificial light ..

LEDs were developed - they were required to be compatible with the photosynthesis and light-signaling requirements of plants: wavelength and fluence.
types of artificial lighting available for growing plants
LEDs ability to mimic natural light
potential for manipulating the plants metabolism
hid lights
fluorescent lights
LED lights
fluorescent lights are not stable over a long period of time
require additional light sources to help maintain the photon fluence necessary for high productivity
Can't be placed near the plants because they have a high operating temperature
Can effect the spectral distribution due to a change of input of power
limits their use and innovation
Lettuce and Red LED Lights
Lettuce that was grown under a red LED light showed primary embryo leaves that were larger than normal.

3/12/2009 · Obviously artificial light is capable of giving plants the components they need to perform photosynthesis because plants are able to live indoors

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Photosynthesis under Artificial light
the shift in primary and secondary metabolism

Artificial light for photosynthesis
Provides plants with energy and information that they require for development
Why are LED Lights Beneficial?
By using LED lights the idea of growing plants under natural light can be mimicked, by mixing colors together.