Cadmium Dissertation In Natural Speciation Water

Presently, many techniques ssuch as chemical precipitation, extraction, reverse osmosis and adsorption are being used for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater. Adsorption technique is an economical process especially using low cost adsorbents. Many investigators have evaluated natural clay and the date pits as a low-cost adsorbents due to their adsorption properties for heavy metals including cobalt, lead, cadmium, zinc and chromium ions (; ; ; ; , ; ; ; ; ).

Cadmium dissertation in natural speciation water

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There is little evidence for manganese–organic associations in natural waters, with manganese only weakly bound to dissolved organic carbon (L'Her Roux et al., 1998). Hence, organic complexation does not play a major role in controlling manganese speciation in natural waters. Field studies have confirmed that organically bound manganese is minor, even with high natural dissolved organic carbon levels (Laxen et al., 1984). The Mn(II) ion is more soluble than Mn(IV); therefore, manganese will tend to become more bioavailable with decreasing pH and redox potential (Heal, 2001). The presence of chlorides, nitrates, and sulfates can increase manganese solubility and thus increase aqueous mobility and uptake by plants (Reimer, 1999). Hart et al. (1992) studied the speciation of manganese in Magela Creek in tropical north Australia. They hypothesized that higher temperatures (30 °C) and increased rates of bacterially mediated oxidation could result in equilibrium between Mn(II) and oxidized species within the normal residence time of water in the creek. This was one mechanism by which colloidal manganese could dominate speciation.

The chemistry of cadmium in natural water

Some cadmium salts, such as the sulfide, carbonate, and oxide, are practically insoluble in water; these can be converted to water-soluble salts in nature.

(1972) A pH-dependent model for the chemical speciation of copper, zinc, cadmium and lead in seawater.
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Cadmium in natural speciation thesis water

(1978) carried out experiments in diluted sea water with various concentrations of the chelating agent nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) to determine the relationship between the chemical speciation of cadmium and the toxicity of the metal to the grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio. After 4 days of exposure to a given concentration of cadmium chloride, shrimp mortality decreased with increasing salinity and increasing concentration of the chelating agent.

Cadmium Dissertation In Natural Speciation Water - Cadmium Dissertation In Natural Speciation Water

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