This makes the C-Leg one of the most reliable leg prosthesis ..

A new lower-limb prosthetic developed at Vanderbilt University allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs.

The Ottobock C-Leg 4 at A Step Ahead Prosthetics - YouTube

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AmputeeOT: How An Above Knee (AK) Prosthetic Leg Works

Otto Bocks C-Leg and the Hip Helix 3D. First walking exercises with the final two-part-pelvis-prosthesis (including a carbon-container and a silicone trousers), a Helix hip, a C-Leg of the latest generation and an Axtion foot. Prosthetics solution: Pohlig GmbH Orthopädie-Technik, Heidelberg. Technician: Tim Baumeister, Olaf Gawron.

AmputeeOT: How An Above Knee (AK) Prosthetic Leg ..

The bionic leg is the result of a seven-year research effort at the , directed by , the H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering. The project was initially funded by a seed grant from the , followed by a development grant from the. Key aspects of the design have been patented by the university, which has granted exclusive rights to develop the prosthesis to , a leading developer and manufacturer of lower limb prosthetic devices.

Above-knee prosthesis with: C-Leg ;


Above-knee prosthesis with: C-Leg

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