But, Lorde is different from other women with breast cancer.

(Maybe 1 boy in 10 isborn with at least one not fully descended, but the majority do descend in the first year.)Cryptorchid testesmay be found anywhere along the normal route of descent (abdomen, inguinal canal, prepubic).

Invasive cancer can breed here.

Fabry's is the only common storage disease with significant renal involvement.

Usually arises multifocally along with cancers in urinary bladder.

A2: still occult, but on more than 5 chips or high-grade B: palpable nodule C: through the "capsule" or in the seminal vesicles D: metastases Before you decide you can tell benign from malignantreliably on physical exam, note that even a pathologistwith the sectioned gland in his/her hand prior to microscopy is only 2/3 sensitiveand 5/6 specific (Am.

**** Breast cancer grading and specific ..

* "Among men with localized prostate cancer detected during the early era of PSA testing, radical prostatectomy did not significantly reduce all-cause or prostate-cancer mortality, as compared with observation, through at least 12 years of follow-up.


In late July 2000 I was “accidentally” diagnosed with breast cancer

(* Do you think that this might simply reflect the fact that cancers here are easier to detect early?) Median lobe hyperplasia by itself produces a "median bar" (today, a "midline dorsal nodule"), obstruction without an enlarged gland.

chance of breast cancer and 54% chance of ovarian cancer vs

* Apolipoprotein E genotype influences the rate of progression,with episilon4, which is bad elsewhere, being good here (JAMA 293: 2892, 2005.) This part of the process can be slowed with anti-hypertensive therapy (especially angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors; see Am.

I've been told it's invasive intraductal breast cancer

The pathology specimens are often curious,with the tumors much altered by chemotherapy (Cancer 109: 528, 2007); any viabletumor in the specimen is ominous (Cancer 107: 1483 & 1503, 2006).

She has helped thousands of women through breast cancer treatment, ..

* Future pathologists only: A cancer with epithelial cell organization but stainingnegative for EMA (epithelial membrane antigen) is -- if the setting is correct --likely to be an embryonal cell carcinoma.

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As you probably know, in 2000, PETA published a parody-ad of Rudolf Giuliani(who has prostate cancer)with a "milk moustache" and the legend "Got Cancer?"PETA was retaliating against Giuliani after losing a lawsuit against himand the City of New York when they forbade PETA to do street theaterto protest Cow Parade.

selves.” — “Breast Cancer: Power vs

and prostate cancerturned up no correlation with overall riskwith some possible weak favorable correlations suggestingprotection against advanced disease(lots of warnings against inferring cause and effect: Am.

Audre Lorde on Breast Cancer: Power vs

You remember the same claim about breast cancer in the1980's; it was another claim that turned out to be clearly false.A huge study about carotenes, lycopenoids, etc., etc.