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N2 - The synthesis of cadmium sulfide (CdS) by a novel class of unsymmetric bolaamphiphiles containing peptide segments, which self assembled into nanofibres, was analyzed. Cadmium sulfide mineralization of bolaamphiphiles was carried out by suspending 10 mg of 1 wt % gels in a dilute aqueous solution of Cd 2+ion ratio and solution pH of approximately 6. The increased width of the CdS structures can be attributed to growth of the mineral phase after its initial nucleation. The results show that the chemical environmental of the p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) aromatic moieties is also affected, resulting in some attenuation.

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A modular synthetic strategy was employed to prepare the bolaamphiphiles

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She carried out undergraduate research under the mentorship of Professor in her bionanotechnology research group focused on design, synthesis and assembly of peptide bolaamphiphiles for potential tissue engineering and drug delivery applications.

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This dissertation describes the design, synthesis, and activity of molecules that interact specifically with vesicle or cellular membranes. The first section describes a series of second generation Zn2+ bis DPA coordination complexes that selectively target negatively charged membrane surfaces including those found in apoptotic cells and bacteria. Several types of conjugates were constructed including fluorescent versions suitable for microscopy, multivalent receptors designed for increased membrane affinity, and lipophilic derivatives. The synthesis and membrane activity of each is discussed. The second portion of this dissertation describes general strategies for the synthesis of sn-2 functionalized phospholipids from DPPC. Phospholipases were utilized for selective headgroup and side chain modification of commercially available phospholipids circumventing a de novo synthetic approach. Several classes of functionalized phosphatidylcholine derivatives were constructed including bolaamphiphiles which in some cases were found to destabilize membranes and chloride anion transporters that function by a novel relay mechanism. Other phospholipid derivatives include phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylethanolamine conjugates that were designed for receptor-mediated delivery of cargo into cells.

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The two step synthesis of a new bolaamphiphile derived from alkenyl L-rhamnosides was described

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A novel ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complex connected covalently to a bolaamphiphile, containing amide linkages to provide rigidity via hydrogen bonding in the monolayer, has been prepared. The ruthenium( II) complexes of this ligand and of the intermediates in the synthesis were prepared by modi. cation of the coordinated ligands, demonstrating the synthetic versatility and robustness of this family of complexes. All ruthenium complexes were characterised by electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques and were found to have similar properties to the parent complex [Ru(bipy)(3)](2+), and remain versatile photosensitisers, with well-defined properties, despite extensive substitution of the bipy ligand.

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Synthesis and Self‐Assembly of Bolaamphiphiles Based on β‐Amino Acids or an Alcohol

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