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Jun 6, 2016 Outstanding advisor of undergraduate thesis, China Pharmaceutical University. 2009 2012 Ph.D., Food Science, Jiangnan University LI Bo, BU Fen, CHEN Yun,ZHAO Xia, Determination of Terbinafine in Human Plasma by food science, Xiaoying Zhang & Jianguo Sun, Science Press, Beijing, 2012. Biography of Nancy Hopkins the time Hopkins completed her Ph.D. at Harvard, Watson had . Amsterdam, A., Nissen, R. M., Sun, Z., Swindell, E. C., Farrington, S. & Hopkins, N. (2004) Proc. Adam Amsterdam,; Robert M. Nissen,; Zhaoxia Sun,; Eric C. MPI CBG Research Group -: Publications Andrei E Gabrielian, Zhaoxi Ke, Jingtao Sun, Gangadharan Subramanian, J Craig Student Honors & Awards - Massachusetts Institute of Technology senior undergraduate or graduate in Astrophysics. 2014 Malcolm thesis. Service—given to the student with the most outstanding service to the. Department Zhaoxi Xiong Wei Sun Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics. Thesis Arithmetic Constructions Of Binary Self-Dual Codes Jan 1, 2013 The goal of this thesis is to explore the interplay between binary Penn to live in a big family of many helpful fellow graduate students: am also grateful for my friends in Philadelphia: Hao Sun, Yubin Bai, Zhaoxia Qian,. Particulate reinforced PC/PBT composites. I. Effect of particle size stability, mechanical properties, and morphology of Mesoscale models for concrete , Adaptive image-based method for integrated multi-scale Improving Calorific Value and Reducing Corrosiveness of Biological Calorific Value and Reducing Corrosiveness of Biological Oils", Advanced Nano-photonic Light Trapping In Thin Film Solar - CalTech Thesis Doctor of Philosophy. California Institute of . like to thank my wife, Zhaoxia, for so much more than can be described with words at the end of a paragraph .. energy resources. The earth intercepts about 3.4 million EJ of radiation from the sun.

Ali Pinar (Sandia National Laboratories)

They have published in a wide variety of fields both at home and abroad.

Online learning in the manifold of low-rank matrices.

Congratulations on the acceptance of the manuscript entitled "Metal-Organic Framework-Based CoP/Reduced Graphene Oxide: High-Performance Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting" to Chem. Sci. by Long Jiao et al. (Chem. Sci. 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C5SC04425A).

Postdoc Bo Li received the Texas CPRIT ..

Congratulations on the acceptance of the manuscript entitled "Metal-Organic Framework-Templated Synthesis of γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Porous Carbon for Efficient and Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Nitro compounds" to Chem. Commun. by Yang Li and Yu-Xiao Zhou et al. (Chem. Commun. 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6CC00011H).

It has established international collaborations with Japanese, German and Australian universities.
Now, this group is very strong in the sense of both teaching and research capabilities.

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Craig Schlenoff is the Associate Program Manager of the Robotic Systems for Smart Manufacturing Program, and the Project Leader of the Agility Performance of Robotic Systems project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. His research interests include knowledge representation/ontologies and performance evaluation of autonomous systems and industrial robotics.

The KIT object models database: An object model database for object recognition, localization and manipulation in service robotics.

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ProfessorsBian, Zuhe Compton profile and its applications in material science, Experimental particle physics Chen, Ji Theoretical nuclear physics, Atomic and molecular physics Chen, Hongfang Experimental particle physics, R&D of particle detectors, Data analysis and simulation of particle interaction Han, Rongdian Positron annihilation and its application in surface physics, Experimental nuclear physicsHu, Xiwei Plasma physics theory, Non- equilibrium statistical physicsJing, Sicong Quantum field theory, Gauge field theoryLiu, Yaoyang Particle physics, Gravitational theory, Scattering theory and its applicationsMa, Wengan Particle physics, Computational method in particle reactionsMei, Zhenyue b-g Spectroscopy, Neutrino mass measurementsRuan, Tunan Particle physics and nuclear theory, Modern quantum field theoryWang, Mingqian Nuclear science and technology, radiation dosimetry Wang, Shaoshun Multiplicity production mechanism in high energy collisions, Experimental nuclear physicsWang, Yanfang High-speed system design, Data acquisitionXiang, Zhilin Plasma physics and plasma diagnostics, Biomedical engineeringXu, Kezun Atomic and molecular physics, Nuclear and particle physics, Radiation detectors and experimental methodsXu, Zizong Experimental particle physics, Nuclear science and technology and their applications, R&D of particle detectorsYang,Yanming Nuclear electronics, Nuclear information processing, Computer network and computer applicationsYin, Hongjun Nuclear theory, Particle physicsYu, Changxuan Experimental plasma physics, Plasma diagnosticsYu, Xiaoqi Nuclear electronics, Data acquisition and processingZhan, Rujuan Plasma processing of materials, Low temperature plasma physicsZhang, Yongde Neutron physics, Mathematics and Physics of modern quantum field theoryZhou, Zifang Statistical physics, Atomic and molecular physicsZhu, Dongpei Quantum physics, Gauge field theory, Mathematical methods for physicsAssociate ProfessorsAn, Qi Digital signal processing, Data acquisitionCao, Jinxiang Plasma diagnostics, Microwave- plasma physicsChen, Yinhua Nonlinear plasma physics and turbulence, Dusty plasmaCheng, Kangchou Nuclear information processing, Computer applicationsCheng, Luhua Nuclear science and technology and their applicationsDing, Weixing Fundamental plasma physics and nonlinear dynamicsFan, Yangmei Nuclear reactions induced by neutrons, Nuclear technology applicationsFeng, Renfei Atomic and molecular physicsGong, Zhufang Compton profile and application in material scienceHong, Pinshun Nuclear technology and applications, Nuclear electronics.

The Department is responsible for the university's compulsory courses in English at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Boi Faltings is a full professor at EPFL and has worked in AI since 1983. He has been one of the pioneers on the topic of mechanisms for truthful information elicitation, with the first work dating back to 2003. He has taught AI and multi-agent systems to students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology for 30 years. He is a fellow of AAAI and ECCAI.