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In order to produce an isotope of an acid, you must modify theabove processes or incorporate into small molecules which are thensynthesized. Isotopically labeled acids are essential for the studyof reaction mechanisms and lipid biosynthesis and metabolism. Theradioactivity of the products that come from the isotopicallylabeled acids can be analyzed. This is done using mass spectrometryor NMR spectrometry.

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Fatty acid synthesis is the creation of fatty acids from ..

Slocombe SP, Cornah J, Pinfield‐Wells H, et al. (2009) Oil accumulation in leaves directed by modification of fatty acid breakdown and lipid synthesis pathways. Plant Biotechnology Journal 7: 694–703.

that catalyzes a double bond formation in membrane lipids.

All the fatty acids that are found in human body are cis aminoacids except for Retinoic acid present in the eye. If meats or fishare left out side exposed to air, they smell bad. It is partly dueto oxidation of double bonds in the fatty acids. The fats turnrancid and give the bad odor. How ever if they are saturated fatswithout double bonds, they do not smell.

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Eukaryotic cell membrane, showing a phospholipid bilayer composed of an outer leaflet (layer) with carbohydrates (glycolipids and glycoproteins) and a cytoplasmic leaflet. Integral membrane proteins have some part of the protein embedded in the hydrophobic lipid bilayer. Image from Wikipedia