Such DNA solitons have two connected types of memory.

Here, previously unknown types of memory (soliton, holographic, polarization) and also the DNA molecule, work both as biolasers and as a recording environment for these laser signals.

Information flows from DNA through RNA to a protein.

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The perplexing issue of mRNA codon homonymies emerged with the creation of the triplet model of amino acid coding in the process of protein biosynthesis.

RNA-directed DNA synthesis and RNA tumor viruses.

Ambivalent genetic texts acquire their monosemantic meaning owing to a variation of DNA sequence position in genome space through their transpositions and/or a transposition of their environment.

Another amazing fact that Garjajev’s group discovered was that the DNA is by no means a closed book of life.

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An external electromagnetic signal (in our case, it’s a laser beam modulated by polarization, for instance, by a DNA preparation) is localized (“recorded”) in the system of non-uniform laser mirrors.

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Namely this factor stimulates the unfolding of an increasing number of alternative and new meanings, as well as of holographic and other images in a variable semantic space of mobile DNAs in a multicellular organism’s genome.

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Each coding-noncoding homonymous (or synonymous) and any other DNA sequence can be considered as a potentially multi-meaning pseudo-noised signal (signals) or as an image (images) which has to be identified and understood on the background of other dynamic gene images.

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Hesin stresses, both peculiarities of the chromosomal DNA adjacent sections and operational principle which determine a provirus activity, are still a mystery.

These experiments thus confirm the  prediction that DNA functions an antenna capable of both encoding and decoding holographic information.

A viruses contain DNA or TNA but never both

Here the DNA molecules, conceived as a gene-sign continuum of any biosystem, are able to form pre-images of biostructures and of the organism as a whole as a registry of dynamical "wave copies" or "matrixes", succeeding each other.

the genome has a capacity for quasi-consciousness so that DNA “words” produce and help in the recognition of “semantically meaningful phrases”; 2.

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The principal elements are a laser, the light of which is directed through a lens system and a DNA sandwich sample as shown diagrammatically below

Diagram 1.

And yet, it’s thought that prions don’t have a genome, since all efforts to find traces of DNA or RNA in them have failed.

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Viruses can be considered as “orphaned” cells which retained a minimum of chromosomal information required for a wave search of landing site on a master cell and exact place to cut-in own DNA as a transposon in the master cell’s DNA with consequent possible precise re-transpositions.