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Process in the usual way using 20 to 30 litres of vegetable oil, agitate for one hour with temperature maintained at about 55 deg C.

This is enough methanol (10-15%) to produce a "split": the glycerin molecule is displaced and replaced by methanol molecules, forming methyl esters.

After one hour processing add another 30 or 40 litres of WVO to bring the total to 60 litres.

Process for another hour, maintaining heat at 55 deg C.

Settle overnight, separate the by-product, use the bioheating oil in your heater or burner.

More methyl ester is formed in the second hour after adding the extra WVO, but there will also be much higher amounts of unconverted and partly converted glycerides left than any biodiesel standards will allow -- this fuel is for your heater, NOT for your car!

Using the standard amount of lye for 60 litres means that all or most of the Free Fatty Acids are converted to soap and removed with the by-product along with the glycerine.

In fact the Free Fatty Acids make quite a good heating fuel when from the by-product "cocktail", but not as good as bioheating oil.

There's no need to take the trouble to wash bioheating oil.

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Glycerol forms the backbone of , and can be produced by of animal fats, e.g. a byproduct of . It also is a byproduct of the production of via . Because of the emphasis on biodiesel, the market for glycerol is depressed, and the old process for glycerol synthesis is no longer economical. Approximately 950,000 tons per annum are produced in the USA and Europe. Production will increase as the is implemented, which requires the replacement of 5.75% of petroleum fuels with across all Member States by 2010.

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There is also provided a ship, comprising means for storing a raw material used in the synthesis of biodiesel, a plant for the synthesis of biodiesel and means for storing the biodiesel synthesised.

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