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To persuade my readers that bilingual education is the only way in which Hispanics in the U.S could learn English while maintaining their culture and language Research question In the long run, how effective are the two-way immersion programs for Spanish immigrants in the United States?

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Whatever troubles there may be with minorities, surely multiculturalism itself is not a problem but could rather provide solutions for conflicts between different groups constituting a society. In this case multiculturalism is being used as a political football and becomes a negative code word similar to bilingual education as targeted by monocultural purists in the U.S. But does such scapegoating of minorities and playing on prejudices work politically? The above author is now Mayor of the City of London.

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Exposing prejudices and clarifying misconceptions about languages and cultures in contact is like being a fireman in a city with many arsonists and careless smokers. Languages and cultures as valuable resources and human rights should not need defending but just encouragement. But at the societal level, such biases exist and must be countered with reliable information, as popular views affect young people becoming bilingual and bicultural. Research on bilingualism published in Japanese is generally cautious but reliable, while public statements by authority figures sometimes repeat common misconceptions. Then biculturalism, with much less research and tied to minority groups, is not well understood or appreciated. But biculturalism can be experienced, whether or not individuals can prove it or even realize what they are. The documentary film director Kazuhiro Soda, quoted in the above section on Cultures in Contact, was well aware of the greater choices he had as a bicultural.

Vygotsky sociocultural theory focused on what a child could do merely with an adult’s assistance.
What the debate seems always to overlook is our country’s other non-English speaking members.

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Bilingual individuals may have specific advantages in reasoning. For example they have two or more words for each idea or object; this develops a creative thinking and an ability to think more flexibly in comparison to monolinguals. They are also more sensitive and considerate to the needs of a particular listener than monolingual people. They as well posses a positive effect on intellectual growth since bilingualism enhances and enriches an individual’s mental development. Recent research has evidenced that bilinguals are better at intelligent quotient tests as compared to the monolinguals. This then means importance attached to it is of great value to the individual as well as the country at the long- run. In terms of socialization, bilingual individuals are considered to be better placed in bridging the gap with the other communities. In other words, they can socialize and interact more easily since language will not act as a barrier to them as opposed to monolinguals ( Ibid).

Young children create mental representations of event knowledge as a tool to understand the world.

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Piaget’s Constructivist Theory of Cognitive Development: Piaget had a phrase that said “Assimilation and Accommodation lead to Adaptation.” Assimilation is when a person fits his or her external information in with what he or she already knows....

Children learn from teachings, but also from example and watching others.

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Bilingualism brings new opportunities to the individual as well as the society. Bilingual individuals, ownership of two languages are increasing seen as an asset as the communication world gets smaller day by day. With the vast amount of information available, and the ease of distributing it to the global village, bilinguals have become more important in the employment market. It is a fact that bilinguals are highly useful in the extremely competitive international trade as well as other global functions. As a result many bilinguals are now working in professions perceived to be prestigious such as transnational business corporations, governments, tourism and journalism. Bilingualism also brings different opportunities not only to the society but generally to the whole society. In the global world, the economic strength of a nation in the global market is not associated with the number of bilinguals it may have but how many bilinguals it has. The larger the number of bilinguals a country produces, the greater the competitiveness in educational standards, economic and cultural vibrancy of that particular country (Haugen, 1974).