Biliary endoprostheses: Plastic versus metal stents

Previous studies have demonstrated the superiorityof self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) over plastic stents formaintaining biliary drainage (–).However, SEMS can become occluded due to epithelial hyperplasia,tumor ingrowth or overgrowth, biofilm deposition and sludgeformation (). Studies havedemonstrated that the median SEMS patency is 120 days (,);however, once biliary stricture occurs, it may lead to morbidityand mortality. Therefore, long-term patency of SEMS remains anunresolved issue.

biliary endoprosthesis versus plastic stents

of Wallstent biliary endoprosthesis versus plastic stents.

trial of Wallstent biliary endoprosthesis versus plastic stents .

The procedures performed in our series were mostly stone removal (=29), and the others included plastic biliary stent insertion due to cancer such as pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer, and metastatic lymphadenopathy or benign biliary stricture such as chronic pancreatitis or Mirizzi syndrome (=6), diagnostic approach for liver enzyme elevation such as cholecystitis or cholangitis (=10), and metal stent insertion due to Klastkin's tumor (=1) ().

plastic versus metal biliary stents ..

Recent advances in development of endoprosthesis have led to the development of fully covered self-expanding metal stents (FCSEMs) which are coated circumferentially with a material that prevents stent occlusion due to bacterial colonization, tissue hyperplasia, and tumor in growth thereby increasing the duration of stent patency in BBS and bile leaks.

randomized trial of Wallstent biliary endoprosthesis versus plastic stents.
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