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Consider, for instance, the problem of typesettingthe following formula:

The way to type the large parentheses is to type for the left parenthesis and for the rightparenthesis, and let LaTeX do the rest of the work for you.

Do any one know how to type a very big parenthesis in LaTeX

I don't want her to have those big parenthesis lines that JHUD's new slim face has.

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I am using Mathematica to layout some mathematical formulas for publication. The guidelines specify that in case of nested parentheses the encompassing ones need to be bigger than the inner ones. So is there a way to make parentheses bigger easily? Below is an example of what I want. It is made by inserting an invisible column at the beginning of the grouping, but that creates a ugly gap in the formula.

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Match any character(s) NOT at the beginning(\Bxx) and/or end (xx\B) of a word, thus \Bton\B will find wantons but not tons, but ton\B will find both wantons and tons.Note: There are some (minor) differences between the character set claasifications used by POSIX and PCRE, when in doubt use the longer (and uglier) POSIX Character Class definitions.All regular expression implementations that claim BRE (or higher) compatibility provide the last results of each separate match enclosed in parenthesis (officially called a subexpression but frequently called a submatch or group) in variables that may subsequently (after the regular expression has been executed) be used or substituted in an expression by using a backreference.

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put those fine parentheses around a number like a great big hug

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