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It identifies a value that may be incorrect, but has been encountered in a literature citation of that paper. The prefix causes it to be sorted near the end of the entry by the utility that is used to standardize field/value order in all BibTeX entries in the Utah archives. A few journals, including the one for our sample entry, restarted volume numbering from 1 when the journal was renamed with a new series number. That confusing old practice has fortunately almost disappeared, except for the Italian journal, Il Nuovo Cimento [The New Chemistry], which has had 10 different series since 1855. Journal issues may give both the volume number since the beginning of journal publication (here, ), and since the beginning of the current series (here, ). It is unclear which volume number should be preferred, so both are preserved in the entry, but no bibliography style should ever use the value.

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In , such templates can be inserted into the editor buffer with just three simple keystrokes, and a TAB character moves to the next empty field. Once the string fields are filled in, two more keystrokes magically generate a standard citation label after the brace on the first line. Four more keystrokes filter the newly-created entry through a script that runs several other tools to further cleanup the entry and supply standard journal and publisher abbreviations. Creating a final clean entry thus takes fewer than ten keystrokes beyond the cut-and-paste or manual typing needed to supply the raw data. You can find nearly 50 library files with more than 1400 BibTeX-related editing functions

Edu Thesis & Essay: Habilitation Thesis Bibtex Top …

The discusses standalone tools for dealing with existing BibTeX data. For manual creation of such data, it is best to choose a powerful text editor with specialized editing support for BibTeX entries. If your current text editor cannot do that, you might save considerable time in the future by changing editors. This report's author has long preferred the editor, because it is by far the most powerful text editor ever developed, and because it has been ported to all common desktop platforms, so a comfortable and uniform editing environment is available on any computer. If you cannot use such an editor, you can save time by creating a small read-only file with suitable empty BibTeX templates that you can copy into your current file with cut-and-paste or insert-file operations. A minimal sample template for a book entry might look like this:

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This field's value is always a string abbreviation that provides credit to the creator of a BibTeX entry. It is not used by any standard BibTeX style, but is present in more than 97% of the entries in the Utah archives.

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These fields are used in the MathSciNet database to record abbreviated and full journal names. They are not used by any standard BibTeX style, but recording them in the entry is a convenience to users who may wish to switch between short and long journal names in their reference lists.

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The in-something entry is now shorter, and importantly, the book itself is now citable as a separate document. Also, new entries for other portions of that book can now be added to the bibliography without unnecessary replication of information. Although the value is the same in both entries, it is needed in other bibliographic software that processes BibTeX entries.

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It is evident from the earlier examples in this report that BibTeX entries are verbose. An earlier bibliographic system in the Unix world, with the and programs, used a more compact encoding that might look like this for a subset of the data in our BibTeX entry for Einstein's first paper:

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The field that is used in more than 90% of the entries in the Utah archives records information about Web locations of bibliography files, and names of library catalogs and publisher Web sites from which at least part of the data were originally taken. When the field value names multiple bibliographies, that may be a helpful clue to the user of the entry that there are other bibliographies, possibly not yet known to the user, that could contain relevant related information. Marketers often use that technique in advertisements: “If you liked our product, you'll love this related product!”. However, there is no commercial interest in the bibliography archives, and the information in fields is intended only to be helpful to the user.