If you use only one volume of a series , include "vol

The in-text citations can be keyed to the bibliography in various ways. TheMLA style uses the author/page system: in parenthesis giving the author’s lastname and the page number from which you got the information. For example, acitation that looks like this (Smith 19) tells readers to look on page 19 of thesource by Smith listed on the Works Cited.

23/01/2002 · If you write a bibliography by hand, ..

The year appears in parenthesis after the volume number (or issue number if given).
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and is followed by the volume number which, ..

You cite an editor or critic's commentary just as you would cite a quotation from the literature. As with citing the author, give the editor's last name followed by the page number parenthetically, wherever you would have placed a footnote, like this: (Gilbert 8). You may omit the editor's name if it is clear from context. IMPORTANT: Every author you cite parenthetically must appear alphabetically in your Works Cited list. Be aware that even though you may have cited a collection of essays in your bibliography, if you need to parenthetically cite a particular essay in that collection, you must list the essay separately in your Works Cited, and refer to it by its own author. The only exception to this is if the collected essays are all by a single author. Then you can cite the whole collection once.

Place a period after the closing parenthesis

Include this information as volume number period '.' issue number. If the scholarly journal does not use volume numbers, cite the issue number alone. Example:

Government Printing Office, Year of Publication)-in parenthesis, Volume Number: ..
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How to Write a Bibliography For a Science Fair Project

Load the citation and bibliography management package. To create parenthesis-style citation call-outs, use instead of . Provide the option if you want square brackets used in the citation call-outs, and provide the option if you want round parentheses used in the citation call-outs.

List the publication year in parenthesis, ..

Whereas commas and parentheses are used in a note, periods are used in a bibliographical entry at the end of each main part -- author's name, title of work, and facts of publication.

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