What was the limiting reagent in Benzil Synthesis

2 A + B ----> 2 CA. What is the limiting reagent? [The limiting reagent is A.]
B. How much C could be formed? [4 mol C]

A mixture of 35.0 g of hydrogen and 270.

how can I calculate theoretical yield of product

How can I calculate theoretical yield of product
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Coenzyme Synthesis of Benzoin: Q's about the …

The synthesis of benzoin, an essential oil.
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Benzoin Condensation

Some problems arose during the testing of melting point.

=9.111X10-3 mol KOH Therefore, Benzil is the limiting reagent

To determine the limiting reagent, calculate the amount of product (molesor grams) that can be formed
from EACH reactant. The reactant producing the smallest amountof product is the limiting reagent.

coenzyme synthesis of benzoin ..
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Synthesis of benzil from benzoin using VOCl 3.

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Calculation of Limiting Reagents and ..