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I am 40 years old and had my op on the 17 May 2013 so I am just over 2 weeks post op! I had cam and pincer debridement and a laberal repair. I have been fortunate that most of my swelling has gone down in my left leg. I have been suffering from a severe burning in my left thigh since 1 week post op. Apparently this is quite common. My knees are achy too. It may be common but it sure is unpleasant. I have to echo your sentiments about having someone around who is patient that can help look after you. I may have been na?ve but I just didn't quite get how big this op was until I woke up after surgery. My Dr has had to remind me that although I have two small incisions it is major hip surgery. I was on the bike 1 week post op and it was painful in the extreme! At the moment I have a Dori mentality - just keep swimming, just keep swimming.........
Thank you so much for your site and sharing your experiences. It has helped me immensely.

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I had a Tka five weeks ago (right leg)and I most certainly agree with you all about the pain and swelling. This being my second Tka (having had my left leg done june of 2011) I knew what to expect but it still didn’t help. The sleepless nights, bouts of depression and just feeling less of a woman (due to having one leg) really starts to get to you after awhile. I don’t have much pain in my knee any more just ALOT of discomfort. I’m going to continue to push through it though.

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Hi, I had TKR on my left knee 4 weeks ago. My physical therapist who comes to see me 3 times a week and this website are what gives me hope that things will get better. For the past 2 days I have spent many hours in bed elevating my leg and icing it because the swelling has once again increased. It hurts to sit or lay. I can hardly do my exercises because my leg is so big. I am taking ibuprophen during the day now and norco/vicoden at night. I can’t sleep at night because the pain spikes… Sounds like this is pretty normal. I am so tired of hurting. I had no idea recovery would be like this. This site and the comments i read have been so helpful. It makes me feel less alone. Thank you

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Aside from running a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that makes bionic legs, Hugh Herr also insists that prosthetic limbs aren’t a disadvantage at all — they’re actually an advantage.

Transtibial prosthetics are used to replace parts missing below the knee.

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I am 66 and had my surgery May 20/14. I was really pleased with progress considering I have been fighting bursitis in my hip, same leg as the TKR. Yesterday while trying to get a cramp out of my butt I felt a snap and unbelievable pain at the right side of my knee and up leg. The swelling in my knee is much more than it was and now I can barely stand on it. Does anyone have an idea as to what might have happened? I can’t take any narcotics for pain due to allergies so this is a big set back for me. Your site is great …thanks

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I have stated the above so that I don’t have to go into details of the first three surgeries. Needless to say, I have been in absolute agony and many times I wished I could just no wake up so that I could bypass the pain and suffering. I suspected all along after the Full TKR that I had an infection since my leg was always swollen and sometimes quite red. Additionally, I experienced extreme pain accompanied by a feeling of loosening in the implants. My OS had blood tests, synovial fluid cultures done as well as umpteen x-rays. All x-rays showed that the implants were supposedly in place and not misaligned as I had charged. Thing was that x-rays only show an image as it is at that particular time, not when the knee was in motion. All this time, I have been using Percocet for pain management. Outpatient therapy was getting more difficult and eventually I stopped it due to the horrendous pain and swelling. The synovial fluid culture tests showed three to be fine (negative) and one was positive. My OS thought that the one was more likely to be contamination of equipment and not worth going through yet another surgery for infection since that was so complex and detrimental. As the days went by, I could no longer tolerate the pain and so we agreed on another opinion, what a joke that was. The other OS told me the same thing, everything looks fine and the test was probably a contamination, take more pills (anti-inflammatory) and call him in three months. I was not going to accept that and made my intentions clear, I would not see him again and I thought he was a quack! Actually he is quite a respected OS and I guess my frustrations were directed at him.