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Finally, transverse-rotation units or positional rotators originally developed for the Oriental world have become available worldwide. Installed above the knee mechanism, these devices permit the amputee to press a button and passively rotate the shank 90 degrees or more for sitting comfort (Fig 21B-10.). They not only facilitate sitting cross-legged upon the floor but also permit much easier entry into restaurant booths and other confined areas. This component is particularly advantageous for entering and exiting automobiles.

What is a Below-Knee Amputation

As the amputation is carried out below the knee the individual has the potential to walk very well.

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Depending on your below-knee prosthesis needs, we have a selection for you. We offer many different types of foot/ankle components. For example, you can have adjustable heel height, waterproof joints, and more. We also have customized prosthetics for different sports like swimming, running, skiing, and more. We even offer prosthetics with feet made to mimic a real foot with skin rather than an obvious metal prosthetic.

The below-the-knee amputation for vascular disease.

If you’ve had a below the knee amputation, there is a wide array of options that we offer when it comes to prosthetics. We provide some of the newest and most technologically advanced prosthetics to help each patient have the most comfortable fit and optimal function. Below the knee amputations are a prosthetic that replaces a missing leg below the knee. With a below-the-knee prosthesis, movement is often regained more completely than an above-knee amputation would because the knee is spared.

The PTB prosthesis is usually suitable for 90% of amputees with below the knee amputations.

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Prosthetic fitting immediately after below-knee amputation.

the amputee's prognosis for ambulation with a below-knee prosthesis.