Journeys assist a person’s understanding in their sense of belonging.

We need to celebrate this by re-framing it as a virtue,as a part of individuality, as a possible channel for one’s specialfunction in the world.

This also fits with an interesting paradox: People feel morebelongingness when they can feel that their differences are enjoyed orat least tolerated.

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However with these positive notions of belonging inevitably come consequences of not belonging.

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Other kinds of belongingness are more subjective:Your heart swells with not only patriotism but also belongingness whilebeing in a crowd watching an Independence Day parade.

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Belonging cannot be achieved without an understanding of oneself and their surroundings.

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Having close association to young adults; both relational and by acquaintance, certain aspects of personality, specifically; the need for social belonging, raised the thought that it was this rather than true contemplation of ideas and beliefs, that had influence over the rapid contrast in ideological belief....

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For one to have a sense of belonging they must first have and understanding of what belonging is and there should be an internal connection between them and the place that they are belonging to.

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Numerous texts reflect the fact that engaging in relationships with others, including varying groups and cultures, is integral to a feeling of belonging.

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However other texts present ideas that suggest identity is the most integral aspect of belonging, or that in fact an introspective alienation from others is necessary to belong.

Belonging encompasses many different themes, several of which are explored in Romulus My Father.

I belong to the Bankstown community.

To appreciate this problem, several component ideas mustfirst be understood:
Just as protein is needed in the diet for the health of the body,so belongingness is a basic need for the mind and soul.

A true sense of belonging can only be found once you’re on the outside of society.

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This essay will discuss the importance of acceptance to belonging and also how other aspects hold equal value with reference to various texts, namely the poems ‘This is My Letter to the World’ and ‘I had been Hungry all the Year...

By belonging, we are automatically excluding others and excluding ourselves from other groups.

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Alienation inturn involves people not feeling sufficiently connected, and thiscondition—i.e., the lack of belongingness—is one of the important yetoften overlooked causes of a variety of personal and socialdysfunctions.
Pathology refers to the way things go wrong in living systems, and canrefer to mental and social problems as well as physical illnesses.