Behavioral Synthesis and Component Reuse with VHDL …

It makes use of many state-of-the-art design tools and methods: • Behavioural VHDL control path synthesis for the controller of the Codec motion estimator.

Behavioral Synthesis and Component Reuse with VHDL

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Examples are presented to show (1) the construction and visualization of information products, (2) the reasoning capabilities of the system to find alternative ways to produce information products from a set of data methods and expertise, given certain constraints and (3) the representation of the ensuing semantic changes by which an information product is synthesized.

Behavioral synthesis and component reuse with VHDL …

A complex component MTX MULT8X8, which computes product of two 8 \Theta 8 matrices, is captured with the proposed method, and its reuse in behavioral synthesis is demonstrated with design of a DCT example.

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VHDL Implementation of 8- Bit ALU. In this paper VHDL implementation of 8- bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is presented. The design was implemented using VHDL Xilinx Synthesis tool ISE 1. Spartan device. ALU was designed to perform arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction using 8- bit fast adder, logical operations such as AND, OR, XOR and NOT operations, 1's and 2's complement operations and compare. ALU consist of two input registers to hold the data during operation, one output register to hold the result of operation, 8- bit fast adder with 2's complement circuit to perform subtraction and logic gates to perform logical operation.

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Improvement in the quality of integrated circuit designs and adesigner's productivity can be achieved by a combination of two factors: Using more structured design methodologies for extensive reuse of existing components and subsystems. It seems that 70% of new designs correspond to existing components that cannot be reused because of a lack of methodologies and tools. Providing higher level design tools allowing to start from a higher level of abstraction. After the success and the widespread acceptance of logic and RTL synthesis, the next step is behavioral synthesis, commonly called architectural or high-level synthesis. Behavioral Synthesis and Component Reuse with VHDL provides methods and techniques for VHDL based behavioral synthesis and component reuse. The goal is to develop VHDL modeling strategies for emerging behavioral synthesis tools. Special attention is given to structured and modular design methods allowing hierarchical behavioral specification and design reuse. The goal of this book is not to discuss behavioral synthesis in general or to discuss a specific tool but to describe the specific issues related to behavioral synthesis of VHDL description. This book targets designers who have to use behavioral synthesis tools or who wish to discover the real possibilities of this emerging technology. The book will also be of interest to teachers and students interested to learn or to teach VHDL based behavioral synthesis.

32) Code Formation based on the 16 Bit LFSR and VHDL Language (Sung ?Il Seo and Hyeong Keon An) pp.4321-4326.

Download Behavioral Synthesis And Component Reuse …

Kactus2 includes tools for all essential parts of the IP-XACT design flow. Import wizards are used to create IP-XACT models from legacy VHDL and Verilog code, and generators are used to create source code for simulation, synthesis and SW development.

In this paper we have implemented hyperbolic tan function using CORDIC rotation method algorithm on FPGA .Coding of the algorithm is done in vhdl.

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Kactus2 can be fitted to current design flows. Basically there is no need to change tools for development, synthesis or verification, although the IPs will likely need changes when packing them to IP-XACT documents. The tool is able to import existing module headers from Verilog and VHDL IPs. Generators produce synthesisable code for the RTL flow.

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A 16 -bit, 2.4 ns, 0.5 mm CMOS ALU is shown in Figure 1.5. In this paper VHDL implementation of 8-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit. VHDL Implementation of 8-Bit ALU. 8-bit fast adder with 2's complement circuit to perform subtraction and logic gates to perform logical operation. VHDL is Like a Programming Language 2-1. VHDL Tutorial: Learn by Example-- by Weijun Zhang, July 2001. The following example shows how to write the program to incorporate multiple components in the design of a more. Case#2: one 8-bit words, 1 start, 1. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using VHDL. Here the behavioral VHDL model of ALU is designed to perform 16 operations which includes both logical and arithmetic. Write a program in verilog to implement 4 bit ALU PROCEDURE: 1. Create a new project and name it. Give the clock pulse to one of the inputs and save the program. 8-Bit ALU in VHDL This arithmetic logic unit accepts 8-bit. The operation to perform is determined by the 3-bit address bus.