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Beard found what he had expected to find. Almost all of the delegates owned lots of what he called "personalty"--trading stock, money-at-interest, western land held for speculation, and, most importantly, war bonds. He then went on to argue that the state legislatures of the Confederation era (1781-89) posed a threat to personalty. Thus one of the Framers' chief motives in writing the Constitution was to protect their personalty--to create a national army strong enough to take the Indians' land away from them, to prevent the states from screening debtors from their creditors' lawsuits, and to wrest from the state governments the business of collecting--or collecting--the "Continental" taxes that were needed to pay off the bond speculators.

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Likewise, Article I, Section 10 won the enthusiastic support of creditors, as Beard showed. Yet it was also popular among people--among them James Madison--who wanted to be able to obtain loans. As Jefferson had told Madison in explaining why he was unable to borrow any money for him in Paris, would-be creditors knew that if they and Madison ever landed in a Virginia court, the judges' "habitual protection of the debtor would be against" the investors. It was not worth the risk. Thus the fundamental right for which Madison and others were contending as they traveled to Philadelphia was the right to be sued.

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It is remarkable to me that when Beard compiled his list of interest groups pushing for the Constitution, he left out taxpayers in portless states and would-be borrowers like Madison. Is it possible that he omitted them because they did not seem to belong in the sordid company of the holders of personalty?

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We lingered over one head in particular: a skull, carved in marble. Beard had discovered it in a museum catalogue while researching her most recent television show, a program about Caligula, who reigned bloodily for less than four years before being assassinated by members of his Praetorian Guard. The sculpture, which had been found on Capri, at the palace of Tiberius, Caligula’s great-uncle and imperial predecessor, was extremely unusual. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” Beard said.

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From reading either Beard's critics or his admirers, you might get the impression that the bondholders were the only interest group that appeared in . Perhaps Beard's pioneering work in the Treasury Office's bond records--he did not visit any archives outside Washington, D.C.--made that inevitable. But Beard's work in printed primary sources also draws attention to other groups that benefited from the Constitution, especially private creditors.

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In 2010, 152 years since Beard’s birth, and nearly 100 years since publication of this book, it is time this pioneer’s work be reread. With billions and billions of dollars spent in recent decades on cancer research with only slight success to show for all the effort, Beard’s work warrants a thorough reconsideration.