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It is possible that some Honours/Masters thesis might even be more significant/higher quality than a PhD thesis. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the submission of the thesis will award the degree that they deserve. The university may have a policy to upgrade the student's enrolment if the supervisor senses that such progress is being made. However, it is impossible to upgrade to a PhD without completing Honours and I believe nearly every single university has a policy of a minimum period of enrolment before submission is allowed. A subsequent question that you may have is how to gain a PhD without enrolling in one, which is another level of achievement completely.

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In our two-cycle degree system, both bachelor's and master's degrees are crowned with a thesis.

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Now it is time to select a statistical technique to analyze the data your study will yield. This decision should be based on the type of association you are testing and the data itself. Often, there are multiple analysis that can be used, varying in difficulty level. We have made a distinction between statistical analysis that are appropriate for a Bachelor Thesis and analysis that are typically too challenging. This separation corresponds to a large degree with the techniques that are part of the Psychology Bachelor curriculum. As a rule of thumb, it's better to use a 'simple' analysis you are (or should be) experienced with than doing a complex analysis you have little or no practice with.

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The degree exam, or thesis defense, for master's degree programs consists of the discussion and evaluation of a dissertation written in Italian or a foreign language on a topic related to a course the student has passed an exam on.

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If not, do you use the full term "Bachelor of Arts" or "Bachelor of Science" in your thesis title? If so, you don't need the apostrophe s (and you should capitalize the words as indicated). However, if you are referring to the degree program more informally, then I think you should use "bachelor's thesis." (

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B. Background/Literature Survey (6-8 pages). This section sets the context for your work. Literature and information that is pertinent to an understanding of the broad theme of your work plus the conclusions and insights of other writers regarding your problem area should be highlighted.
C. Methods (3-4 pages). How did you go about conducting your analysis? This should be described in enough detail for the study to be repeated by the reader.
D. Findings (6-8 pages). Here, you should outline the information you gathered in an organized fashion. This information could include narratives of others’ work, tabular data, figures or photographs. Again, the nature of your thesis will determine the format needed for this section.
E. Analysis and Conclusions (6-10 pages). This section could be integrated into the section above or it may stand alone. Here, you should integrate the information you gathered with existing knowledge and summarize the analysis which you applied to the information you gathered and presented. Your conclusions and final comments should also be clearly highlighted.
F. Bibliography (literature cited). Cite all sources of information using a standard and consistent method of citation appropriate to your discipline. Remember to cite not only published sources but oral sources as well.

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Writing a bachelor thesis paper is an important step you have to accomplish in order to get your bachelor degree. Your thesis is of a major importance, so you'll have to use all the skills and experience you’ve acquired through your years as a student. The thesis essay may seem like quite a complicated assignment to cope with, but careful planning and continued enthusiasm about what you’re writing will help you easily complete your bachelor degree dissertation.

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As for the difference between Honours/Bachelor and Masters it would depend on your university, but both have no requirement for publication quality research and are usually small tasks/ideas that are not worth the supervisors time to think about alone, or involve a lot of labor. In fact, in my school, many Honours thesis are of a higher level than the Masters, because the smart Honours students will either graduate into the work force or go straight into a PhD. The Masters students are usually those who cannot find a job and are not suited to research. However, I believe some other universities may require a mandatory Masters degree to start the PhD.

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B. Year three
Elective period
During your elective period which is the first 10 weeks (first semester) in year 3. The elective period should be used to broaden or deepen the knowledge and insights of the student of an area or subject that is relevant for the personal development of the student into a medical professional. The work performed during the elective period should contribute to the quality of the bachelor thesis.
Writing your thesis
- Meet with your thesis advisor to discuss progress. Submit your rough draft and thesis log for his/her review. Summarize your advisor’s recommendations.
- Continue the analysis and investigation. Statistical analysis (if warranted). Write final draft of the thesis.