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An example of the described mapping technique from the ‘zone 1’ section of the environment defines first a prototype synthesis definition for time stretching existing audio buffers with 8 modifiable parameters: overall amplitude, start read position in the buffer, end read position in the buffer, amplitude of the signal sent to auxiliary effects bus, pitch-shifting ratio, sound field rotation angles around the x-, y-, and z-axes (in terms of Ambisonics spatialization).

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"LUX"audio-visual installationLUX is the latest Granular Synthesis installation reflecting on the theme of technology as a "Second Nature," a body of work including

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Ulf Langheinrich and Kurt Hentschlager have worked together as an artistic duo since 1991 on the ‘Granular Synthesis' project. Their obsessive visual language, developed from the performance art tradition of direct physical perception, has consistently evolved towards an audio-visual live experience, whose most recent state of aggregation, with the name of 'Pole', was seen in Germany in 1998. Mixing live with the aid of software they developed themselves, the two artists sample, shift, loop and amplify tiny synthetic units of image and sound – which they call 'grains' – of the singer Diamanda Galas to produce a condensed, invasive stimulation of the senses. A frontal projection onto five or seven parallel screens, stroboscopic effects, rapidly repetitive hypnotic or numbing visual patterns and sound frequencies with bass tones as low as -40 db, which the audience physiologically 'hears' through the body, combine to create an effect of conscious polarization and the removal of all perceptive distance from this stream of audio-visual data.

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At this video grain rate it is capable of audiovisual granular synthesis«

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This project is a mobile version of an audiovisual granular synthesis instrument that I built as my final project for Music 256a at CCRMA. The inspiration behind the original version along with early concept sketches and design details are presented . While the laptop version provides a large canvas and a great deal of RAM for audio files, the iPad's multitouch capabilities offer a much richer interactive experience. I extended the instrument to take advantage of these resources and added a social/networking component to allow users to share their "scenes" and download the work of others.

Off-Key Continuities: Audiovisual Interventions by the Video Bands Metamkine and Granular Synthesis

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The automata world and graphics functions are part of a separate custom-written application, while the control center, audio synthesis and activation routines, and user interfaces for external control have all been implemented in the SuperCollider programming environment.

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