Who knows, I might end up looking for tube pre/phono down the road.

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Audio Synthesis Passion Preamp - Sneak Peek.

Compare and find the best deals on your favorite brands.Audio Synthesis Passion Phono.
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into Audio Synthesis Passion passive preamp, ..

Technics SU-C1000 preamp and SE-A1000 power amplifier. Power rating is 120 watts/ch into 8 ohm. Rather good looking front panel due to the two large analog meter. Preamp also has MM/MC phono input. Unusually the preamp also has a battery operation feature. However the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced as it doesn't seen to be charging. Excellent condition.S$750.

Audio Synthesis Manufatures the Passion phono ..

Marantz Model 2245 solid state receiver. Nice clean front panel. Even the wood casing is still in very good condition. Rare vintage component. However at least 2 or 3 light bulbs need to be replaced.S$450.

I see these little tube phono preamps on eBay go for about $150 from time to time.
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Audio Synthesis Desire Decade Hi-Fi Power Amplifier

Sansui CA 3000 preamp with BA 5000 power amp. These were top of the line for Sansui. Both units are in excellent condition. Power amp is rated at 300 watts per channel into 8,4 and 2 ohms. Output transformer coupled which account for the weight of 110 lbs. S$3000.

[Reviews] TNT-Audio - Amplifiers tests

There are also a few interesting designs that are not in either of the above categories, but I haven't had the opportunity to audition them. The published "reviews" of these particular models are not trustworthy either, in my opinion. Accordingly, I have decided to mainly focus on the used preamplifiers from the 1980's and early 1990's. Some of these models had excellent (for their time) phono stages. There is some good news though: The two finest (stock) models were both made in the last few years though, which is definitely encouraging.

Preamps - Coincident Speaker Tech

MFA Magus tube preamp with external power supply. Two pieces of 12AX7 for the phono stage and two 6922 tubes for the line stage. Excellent MM phono input. Separate left/right gain control with a master volume control. S$920.