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The growth process can be described as a series of identifications with ever-more inclusive wholes. The personality moves through cycles of integration, dis-integration, and re-integration wherein the individual disidentifies from the person he used to be and identifies with the person he has become. At the center of each new whole is an integrating factor, a center of awareness and will, a point of identity: a Self.

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Ways of moving into the experience of higher consciousness include reading inspirational literature, listening to great music and experiencing great art. Such creations are produced by people who can touch and express higher consciousness. The highest human qualities are embodied in their works and evoked in us by exposure to them. Meditative disciplines and other spiritual or religious practices can facilitate contacting and integrating transpersonal awarenesses. Sensing one's participation in the larger whole, acts of cooperation with evolution, and service to humanity can bring a fulfillment and joy characteristic of higher consciousness. Psychosynthesis encourages development of habits which foster high quality living, and arranging circumstance and environments that evoke the highest and best from individuals and groups.

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Danish site by - contains a large amount of material on Psychosynthesis. The includes all Assagioli's English articles (36) and interviews. Some of them are very rare and informative and have never been published online before.

(1974) The Act of Will.

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As we study physical and social evolution over hundreds and thousands of years, we get a sense of this great Plan and we can choose to cooperate with it. In recent years, this movement forward – the next step is for all humanity – has been characterized by various writers as: The Greening of America (Reich, 1970); The Third Wave (Toffler,1980); The Transformation (Leonard, 1972); The New Renaissance (Gerard, 1973b); The New Copernican Revolution (Harman, 1969); New Ways of being (Houston, 1978); the Aquarian Conspiracy (Ferguson, 1980); and The New Age (Assagioli, 1981; Bailey, 1944, 1954; Gerard, 1973a; Rudhyar, 1975; Satin, 1976; Spangler, 1971).

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My Counselling Training & Qualifications I have completed 5 years in-depth, both academic and experiential, practical training in psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy (pioneered by Roberto Assagioli) at validated by , I have the following qualifications:

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Like many other psychological and systems of thought, Psychosynthesis uses a number of maps or diagrams ofconsciousness in order to illustrate the various components of theself. Two diagrams used in Psychosynthesis are the Egg Diagram and theStar Diagram.