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The graduate program in art education is an individualized, 36-credit-hour program designed for those seeking skills to be effective art/design educators and agents of change. Courses engage such topics as social theory for artists, museum curriculum, ethical and pedagogical issues, and art history. Degree candidates supplement their research-based practices with electives in areas such as studio arts, design, exhibition studies, arts administration, art/design education, art history, writing, visual and critical studies, and professional experience in fieldwork and internships.

Julia Margaret Cameron Thomas Carlyle printed The Art

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Blending the old and the new.
What Young Artist's Need to Know...
Using Elements of Art
Using Principles of Design
Integrating art with other subjects
Sharing and reflecting
Learning history and culture
Communicating ideas by subject and theme
Using tools and techniques correctly
Thesis: Strong Art Education Balances both traditonal and new digital methods of making art.
To best serve our youth, we need to expose them to all methods of making art.
Lessons the Arts Teach...
Is traditional or digital art better at teaching these things?
Let's Explore Traditional Art!
Let's Explore
Digital Art!
Traditional Art
How does traditional art compliment the fundamentals of Art Education?
Can traditional art meet the needs of a 21st.

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"There were many choices for on-site film and television programs, but my employment as a defense contractor to the US ARMY, at a remote base, prevented me from attending any of those. Initially, I was concerned about how a distance education would serve me and how well Academy of Art University's program compared to traditional film programs. I quickly discovered that the curriculum, faculty, and hands-on projects, were, in many ways, more demanding and challenging than I anticipated. It was a challenge to be sure, but the experience was invigorating and allowed me to work at my own pace to direct and produce my final thesis project, and award winning short film, 'Mirage at Zabul Province.'"

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The Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education is an individualized program designed for art education professionals who are dedicated to understanding, interpreting, and positioning themselves in relation to the language, theory, and social context of the arts and visual culture. Students in the program prepare to become exemplary facilitators and designers of active learning in schools, museums, cultural institutions, alternative community settings, and interactive media.

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Agricultural  Education: A world-renowned centre for the study of  art history from the Middle Ages.

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