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The earliest recognized style of rock and roll by white performers, Rockabilly has been strongly influenced both harmonically and melodically by African-American rhythm and blues and Gospel music

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Musical rhythm is seen as a product of goal-directed melodic and harmonic activity.

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Air () A musical idea, or motive, rhythmically developed in consecutive single tones, so as to form a symmetrical and balanced whole, which may be sung by a single voice to the stanzas of a hymn or song, or even to plain prose, or played upon an instrument; a melody; a tune; an aria.

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Air () In harmonized chorals, psalmody, part songs, etc., the part which bears the tune or melody -- in modern harmony usually the upper part -- is sometimes called the air.

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The 'Harmonicon' was originally developed by a stone-mason and consisted of 65 pieces of hard slate cut to different sizes and set in tiers, to form a musical scale

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Borrowing heavily from British and American rock and roll music and from popular music of Spanish-speaking cultures (, , , , etc) has evolved from a cult-like music movement to a more well established music genre

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repetoire consists of early blues songs, jug band tunes, gospel music classics, instrumental stomps, romps, jumps, and rags, early country music, early jazz, tin pan alley tunes, folk music songs and novelty songs, with the additional insertion of themes and motifs from sousa marches, European classical music composers, musical theatre and film music, in original compostions and improvisations

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Based on the occasion, songs can be divided into two repertoires: the repertoire ('songs for the table', reserved for convivial occasions, mainly wedding banquets) and the repertoire ('songs for the road', reserved for parts of the wedding rites other than the banquet, that is, for the transfer of the dowry to the bridegroom's house, the ceremonial welcome by the bridegroom's mother of the bride, the gathering of the gifts, etc., where they are called , wedding song)

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There were great painters such as Jean Antoine Watteau (1684-1721), and composers like Francois Couperin (1668-1733), although the two musical figures most closely associated with this style are Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1722), whose (1722) set forth concepts that became the point of departure for modern music theory, and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788), son of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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It differs from conventional rock and roll music, which is often a song that is unlinked in plot or story with other songs, but overlaps considerably with concept albums and song cycles

They are derived from the Greek

Not hindered by any formal musical knowledge, the artists of early rock music were just sticking chords after one another till they seem to fit with the moods they wanted to express for themselves and to transfer to their audience.