Lae is the second city of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

Includes: controversies about development in the Pacific, copper mining and the environment, what kind of ethical standards do we need in Papua New Guinea, Ok Tedi and the Wopkaimin people, Rio declaration on environment and development, Christianity and the poor and oppressed people of Brazilian Amazon, the Pacific way.

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Motu is one of 3 official languages of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

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The story of the magnificent series of operations by which the 2/2nd and 2/4th Independent Companies of 700 Australians held down over 30,000 Japanese of their 48th and 5th crack divisions on Timor for months.

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Professor Neild as Chairman, Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge, was tasked by the INA to make a comprehensive study of tax policy in PNG since the pre-Independence (1975) White Paper of 1971.

The authors have included a bibliography of documents on education from 1885 and aids for locating sources in the pre and post-independence periods.
A book celebrating all that is positive about Papua New Guinea during the life of its Independence 1975-2000.

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It carries on the story of Lae and Morobe Province since PNG's Independence in 1975 to the present day (1998).

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The first full length reference book published by the Papua New Guinea Government since Independence a good source of basic information on Papua New Guinea, its people, history, culture and government, flora fauna, physical features, well reproduced photos.

the Pacific's most damaging independence movement seems to operate amid claims and counter-claims, internal rivalry and a fog of deception.

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An account of the turbulent war years (1941-1945) in Rabaul, then capital of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea administered by Australia and now the capital of the East New Britain Province of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, includes the devastating Japanese invasion in January 1942, pre-invasion bombing, the Tol massacre of 150 captured Australian soldiers, extraordinary escapes of over six hundred Australian soldiers and civilians, plight of the missionaries, construction of over 3 hundred kilometres of tunnels, bombing and isolation of the Japanese garrison, execution of Chinese, Indian, American, British and Australian prisoners of war, right up to salvage of ships and war monuments.