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In this synthesis of Ferruginol, a second Robinson annulation was performed on the enone product. Note that under these equilibrating conditions it is the conjugated enolate (not the cross-conjugated one) that reacts.

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The next two pages include labs for both endothermic and exothermic reactions!

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The synthesis of histidine is long and complex and its pathway is intertwined with nucleic acid biosynthesis (specifically purine). The pathway seems to be universal in all organisms able to synthesize histidine. The first five steps of the pathway take ribose from phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate (PRPP) and transform it into Imadiazoleglycerol phosphate. Once the imadiazole ring is formed, glutamate donates the -amino group and the newly formed amine is oxidized to histidine in the last step of the pathway. Energy is required in the form of ATP (in this case elements of the ATP molecule actually becomes part of the amino acid) and pyrophosphate which is lost from phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate and ATP help drive the reaction.

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Synthesis of cysteine is a two step reaction. Serine and acetyl-CoA combine to form -acetylserine. Sulfide from is then added to -acetylserine to form cysteine. The pathway for cysteine synthesis was covered in .

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Leucine biosynthesis starts of with the last intermediate in the valine synthesis, -ketoisovalerate. In the first step Acetyl-CoA is used to add an acetyl group to the molecule. Electrons are transferred to NAD+ (note these can be used for other cellular processes) and one carbon is lost in the form of CO2 at the fourth step of the pathway. In the final step, the amine from glutamate is added to -ketoisocaproate to form leucine.

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The biosynthesis of serine and glycine constitute a major metabolic pathway that plays a central role in the formation of other amino acids, nucleic acids and phospholipids. When is grown on glucose, fully 15% of carbon assimilated passes through the serine pathway. Synthesis of serine and glycine starts with oxidation of 3-phosphoglycerate forming 3-phosphohydroxy pyruvate and NADH. A transamination reaction with glutamate forms 3-phosphoserine and removal of the phosphate yields serine. Glycine is generated by removal of the methyl group from serine. Energy is not required for this pathway, in fact it yields energy in the form of reduced NADH.

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The synthesis of lysine has been found to consist of different reactions in different bacterial species. A somewhat generalize pathway is presented. Lysine synthesis involves the addition of pyruvate to aspartate semialdehyde, the use of a CoA intermediate (either acetyl CoA or succinyl-CoA) and the addition of an amino group from glutamate. The group added from CoA (either succinyl or acetyl) serves as a blocking group, protecting the amino group from attack during transamination by glutamate. NADPH + H+ is required for reduction in the second step of the pathway.

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Reformatsky reactions with γ-bromocrotonates can give products from either α or γ reaction, depending on reaction conditions (Hudlicky, 1984, , 1845). In the example below (synthesis of Abscisic Acid), the γ-adduct was obtained. Presumably the 1,2-addition was reversible under these conditions. Constantino, M. G.; Losco, P.; Castellano, E. E. . 1989, , 681.

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Chorismate is converted to phenylpyruvate in two steps and phenylalanine is synthesized by a transamination reaction with glutamate. No energy is require to run these reactions.

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In other words, less iron will be oxidized and cadmium will be reduced than at standard conditions.Test your use of the redox calculator by calculating the net standard potential for this reaction:Answer: 0.025 V.